Government regulates serve inactive accounts of PIS / PASEP to all ages

Who can wait for rescue money from August, you can earn a little bit more.
13/06/2018 14h59 - Updated 14/06/2018 17h11
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The president signed today (13) the law and signed the decree regulating the looting of inactive accounts the funds of the Social Integration Programs (PIS) and Civil Servants Asset Development (Pasep), for all people who have the benefit. The payment of quotas should inject R $ 39,5 billion into the economy. The potential impact on GDP is in the order of 0,55 percentage point.

He asked the government team that there is a wide distribution of the measure, on the social networks, television and newspapers, so that all persons entitled can withdraw money. "Values ​​are deposited to 1988 and are there paralyzed, a little fatter Caixa and Banco do Brazil, while financially must fatten those who are beneficiaries, the workers", said.

Or target, second or president, It is to move the Brazilian economy, as occurred with the looting of dormant accounts of the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS), which injected around R $ 43 billion into the economy. "And they are precious values", He stressed . "Here are R $ 39 billion that can not only meet those who will get them, but also enter it in the Brazilian economy. "

Who is entitled
You have the right to serve public servants and people who worked on the payroll of 1971, when the PIS / PASEP was created, up until 1988. Who contributed after 4 October 1988 You are not entitled to serve. This is because the Constitution, enacted that year, He started to allocate the contributions of PIS / PASEP companies for the Fund for Worker (FAT), that pays unemployment insurance and salary bonuses, and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

Starting next Monday (18) until the day 28 of September, any person holding account PIS / PASEP or his heir can draw resources. Who can wait for rescue money from August, you can earn a little bit more, because the adjustment of amounts in the accounts for the year 2017/2018 It will be made in July. Last year, the adjustment was 8%.

The Conversion Bill 8/2018, arising from Provisional Measure (MP) 813/2017, which allowed the looting, It was approved by the Senate, no dia 28 of May.

Since the creation of PIS / PASEP, in 1971, the total withdrawal could only be done when the worker completed 70 years, retired, had serious illness or disability or be account holder's heir. In the second half of last year, the government had already sent to Congress two MPs reducing the age to serve from 60 years, without changing the other cases of access to these resources.

The total public benefited from the measure is 28,7 million people and, these, near 3,6 million already made to serve the bathing suits 2018. The total funds, R$ 5 billion has been redeemed by shareholders and R $ 34,3 billion will be available to be drawn on the Bank of Brazil and Caixa Economica Federal.

To see if you qualify to benefit, the worker can access the sites e

In the next days, the Ministry of Planning detail the looting schedules. Those who have a current account at the Federal Savings Bank or the Bank of Brazil will deposit automatically made from 8 of August. The other shareholders may make withdrawals directly in branches of Cash and Bank of Brazil or request the transfer at no charge to their accounts in other banks.

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