globe network of journalists are forbidden to talk about politics in WhatsApp

Besides that, os profissionais de comunicação da empresa não poderão, even, revelar preferência por times de futebol.
12/06/2018 19h21 - Updated 12/06/2018 19h21
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The Globo group adopted a new approach in its "Principles Editorials" prohibiting talking business journalism professionals on policy conversations exchanged by instant messaging application WhatsApp.

According to Daniel Castro columnist information, portal UOL, the rule is in the new manual of ethical conduct which will be released in the coming days, and will include rules on the behavior of journalists working for the Globe on social networks.

Measures, it is forbidden to express opinions even political in private conversations via digital platforms, thus preventing the messages end up leaking, compromising, later, the company's image.

Still, employees of the Globo group should not enjoy political postings on Facebook or show preference for football teams, nor enjoy shopping and Instagram posts, inclusive, make virtual check-ins.

The Globe also did not comment on the matter.

“Law Chico Pinheiro”
Also according to Daniel Castro, this new determination of the Globo group is being dubbed the sidelines of “Law Chico Pinheiro”, in reference to the episode occurred in April, that leaked audio of the presenter “Good morning Brazil” defending former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

“He needs to get out, sim, but will leave the minute it's time. Lula has calm, wisdom, divine inspiration, to be quiet there for a time, Where is it”, said a recording section sent by Pinheiro in a closed group on WhatsApp talking about the arrest of PT.

In this ocasion, the general director of Globo Journalism, Ali Kamel, He sent an e-mail to reporters the station to warn about the use of social networks.

The executive warns that workers should not publicly express, inside his journalistic activities, political and party preferences or ideologies.

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