New port will benefit producers and traders of Tefé, says Joshua Neto

The statement was made during the ceremony for the new port city, which is 575 km from Manaus.
12/06/2018 15h35 - Updated 13/06/2018 16h35
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The state deputy Joshua Neto (PSD) He said the new port of Tefé will benefit farmers and county traders and other nearby towns, generating good reflexes in the economy. The statement was made during the ceremony for the new port city, which is 575 km from Manaus.

A work, budgeted at R $ 12 millions, It was made by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit) with funds from the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation, made possible by Congressman Alfredo Nascimento (PR).

Participants included Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), the congressmen Alfredo Nascimento (PR), Arthur Bisneto (PSDB), the superintendent of Dnit, Fábio Galvão, Mayor Norman Bessa, State Representative Joshua Neto, the former state representative Marcelo Ramos, and councilors Fred Mota and Elijah Emanuel.

For State Representative Joshua Neto, the new port will facilitate the transport of passengers and goods, generating a positive impact on the economy of Tefé and other nearby municipalities, but mostly of farmers.

"This structure will facilitate the life of Tefé people who use this space to come and go, and receive the supplies to the city. Will make life easier for the producer still in the state of Amazonas is not valued as it should. This port here will greatly help the producer that both need to drain your product ", said.

The new port of Tefé has floating docks for mooring boats. It also has terminal loading and unloading of passengers and covered shelter for passengers. With this they are already 47 delivery ports in the Amazon. The next is to Itacoatiara, which will be the largest port in the state.

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