Parties will receive R $ 1,7 billion for election campaign, knee TSE

PMDB, PT e PSDB receberão maior parte das verbas de Fundo Especial.
16/06/2018 14h47 - Updated 26/06/2018 16h41
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Pedro Rafael Vilela – Agency Brazil

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) announced today (15) the total amount of the Special Fund Campaign Financing (FEFC) will be R $ 1,716 billion. Created last year to regulate the transfer of public resources between subtitles, the fund will be allocated to the national directories 35 Record with parties in TSE, in accordance with the distribution rules set out in Resolution No. 23.568/2018, approved by the Electoral Court in late May.

by the rules, 98% the amount will be divided proportionally among the parties, taking into account the number of representatives in Congress (House and Senate). This means that the acronyms that elected the highest number of parliamentarians 2014 and those who follow maintaining the largest number of legislative seats will receive more resources, especially PMDB, PT and PSDB, which will rely on quotas of R $ 234,2 millions, R$ 212,2 million and R $ 185,8 millions, respectively. Then, appear the PP (R$ 131 millions) and PSB (R$ 118 millions) between subtitles benefited from the largest slices.

only 2% remaining (R$ 34,2 millions) They shall be shared equally between the parties on the record with TSE, regardless of whether or not representation in Congress. In this case, parties that do not have any parliament in the federal legislature will receive the amount of minimum of R $ 980,6 thousand election fund.

These will be the first general elections in the country validity of the prohibition of financial donation companies to candidates and political parties, as decided by the Supreme Court (STF), taken in 2015. Because of that, the resources of the Electoral Fund are the main source of campaign funding.

According to the TSE, the fund's resources will only be made available to the subtitles after defining the criteria for internal distribution within the parties, to be approved, in meeting, by an absolute majority of members of national directories. Such criteria should include the minimum application requirement of 30% the total received from fund to fund the election campaign of women candidates by the party or coalition. The major parties have not yet defined how will share the resources of the electoral fund of their candidates.

Then, national bodies subtitle should send an official letter to TSE indicating the criteria for the distribution of the fund. The document must be accompanied by the minutes of the meeting which set the parameters, with notarization by a notary public, proof material broad dissemination of distribution criteria, and indication of bank details of the current account opened solely for the movement of resources.

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