Hall announces Blue Zone with price reduction and exemption for Center residents

The main change is the reduction in the rate of price, falling from R $ 3 to R $ 2,45.
12/06/2018 19h40 - Updated 13/06/2018 16h34
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It starts working on 30 June the rotary parking system Blue Zone, in downtown, Now fee collection. The system will sort the flow of vehicles parked in the area. Throughout the testing phase, modifications were studied and occurred in the project, from the recommendations made by the Manaus City Hall.

The main change is the reduction in the rate of price, falling from R $ 3 to R $ 2,45. There will also be an exemption for residents of the area and special rate, discount 50%, the commercial employees working in the areas boundaries stores the Blue Zone.

Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto determined that the modifications were made to the system passed to actually function, without prejudice to those already in the central area for years. “We made these changes to benefit the residents of the center and those working in the downtown area and need parking every day”, He explained the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, referring to the different values ​​and exemptions for residents.

According to the Operational Director of the Consortium Amazon, Guilherme Rocha do Amaral, criteria were established to be followed, both the residents as the commerce, so they can enjoy the benefits. a vehicle was set per worker and per household, requiring registration update, quarterly basis.

For residents, We need to submit a copy of identity and proof of residence (water bill, electricity or telephone, not more than the last 90 days). For those who rent property, if there is no consumption account, shall produce a copy of the lease. In both cases, We need to present, also, certified copy of the vehicle ownership certificate.

For workers, the required documents are: attesting condition in commerce, banking or service in that area of ​​town, through a company statement in which it operates; Copy of Work Permit; and certified copy of the vehicle ownership certificate. The documents must be presented at the Consortium headquarters Amazon, in Avenue Leonardo Malcher, 834, Center, near the Sebrae.

Vacancies for residents will be in the streets surrounding the block from home or are on the border of this. The house is installed on for the parking for commercial workers and professionals working in the Center, even in those places, the resident will be exempt from payment of the fee, respecting the established perimeter.

Vacancies for commerce will be made available within the Blue Zone system limits, Two perimeter sectors, which involve displacement of approximately 500 meters, to that address to the workplace. In places for residents and workers of the Center shall not apply the time limit occupancy, that is three hours, for vehicles in general. Those who are registered, therefore, are free of rotation.

O system
The Blue Zone was established on 17 January and, until now, It had been working only in educational character, no fee collection. The system will operate, initially, with 1.700 Parking lots. Vacancies are available in Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue and the streets 10 July, Barroso, Henrique Martins, Rui Barbosa, 24 of May, Costa Azevedo, Marsal, Dona Libânia, Monsignor Coutinho, Tapajós, Lobo D’Almada, Joaquim Sarmento, José Clemente, Ramos Ferreira, Friar Laurence and Ferreira Pena.

Payment can be made through the portal www.zamanaus.com.br or by the application "Blue Zone", available for free in the Google Play store or Apple Store. System utility is also partnering with the Center's tenants, to enable some credit sales points.

The Blue Zone will operate from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 18h, and Saturdays, 8h to 17h. On Sunday there will be no charge for the system. The amount charged, second to Saturday, will be R $ 2,45 hourly.

specific places for commerce
Vacancies for commerce will be centralized in the following locations: Avenida Joaquim Nabuco and its bars, to Getúlio Vargas Avenue (streets Lauro Cavalcante; Huascar de Figueiredo, 24 of May, 10 July and Ramos Ferreira); street and their sleepers Luiz Antony, up the road Epaminondas (streets Simon Bolivar, Ramos Ferreira, Monsignor Coutinho, 10 July, Father Estélio Dalison, Crossing Padre Ghisland, Frei José dos Inocentes, Bernardo Ramos, Seventh Avenue September, Visconde de Mauá, Governor Victor and Tamandaré).

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