"If there is no judicial measure most urgent character, will lead to layoffs in PIM "says Wilker Barreto

O presidente da Câmara Municipal de Manaus manifestou sua indignação ao ataque inconstitucional direcionado a Zona Franca de Manaus.
12/06/2018 15h27 - Updated 13/06/2018 16h35
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Wilker Barreto (PHS), He used the Tribune House, in this Monday (11), to express their indignation about what entitles unconstitutional attack on the economic model of success, the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM). "It can not be a government of their own pleasure, whenever you want, tear up the Constitution. A government that does not respect the constitution does not exercise citizenship. Does not respect the democratic state of law ", said.

Baker acknowledges that the ZFM to undergo a process of improvement of their basic production process and economic chains - the example of drugs, petrochemicals and ecotourism -, They need to improve, but nothing justifies such an aggressive attack to concentrated responsible for much of the revenues.

"A government that is not government, It is a great business desk. A government that clearly to keep negotiating wholesale. Numerically the Amazon bench is no match for the Southeast, but we need to be enshrined in the Constitution. It is a matter that we do not have competence to legislate, but we can not be silent. If this decree thrive, if you have a legal measure most urgent character, Families will go through great difficulties. We will have a big round of layoffs in PIM ", warned.

Wilker Barreto said, still, 'miopia' consider some Southeast businessmen attack ZFM. "They are so shortsighted that you can not see, if we turn to the extractive, the cycle of rains will be threatened. Can not stand one water crisis, but attack an economic model that preserves the environment. And we are talking about an economic model that is surplus. federal bench, I ask you to rise to the Tribune and look at the counter of São Paulo and say: you will turn the desert. Because if we change to the extraction, the first ones who will suffer are the Southeast. Goes missing rain, no water has no life ", he suggested.

The president of CMM took to put the CMM available. "I know of the work bench, but I also know that every state must be irmanado in favor of the ZFM ", concluded.

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