Adailzinho can be away from the city of Coari

Documents were requested by prosecutors, Adail has 20 days to avoid removal.
03/07/2018 15h33 - Updated 4/07/2018 17h12
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The mayor of Coari Adail Pinheiro Filho (PP) had given conditional clearance, on Monday (2), by the judge of the 2nd Court of the District Municipality, André Luiz Muquy. As or office, Adail has 20 days to avoid removal, will deliver, within the time limit, all documents that have been requested by the Ministry of Amazonas (MP-AM) to the opening of extra-judicial actions against the municipal administration.

"Thus, Give the term 20 days for the defendant Adail José Pinheiro Figueiredo, the Mayor of quality of the Municipality of Coari / AM, submit requests and responses Crafts Ministerial contained in its application to the present case, or, present reasonable justification for non-compliance, otherwise extrapolated such period, characterized being the need for temporary removal of the mayor role of the municipality ", says an order of passage.

A joint action between the prosecutor substitute Weslei Machado and the prosecutor Flávio Mota Silveira Morais, proposed, no dia 22 June this year, civil action against administrative misconduct Adail José Pinheiro Figueiredo, against the Attorney General of the municipality, Laura Coelho Macedo, against the President of the Bid Committee, Jorge Thiago Carvalho Abrahim, and the Municipal Secretary of Works, Victor Luis Ledesma Sanches.

Not release, the judge said that prosecutors filed several court procedures in order to assess the legality, legitimacy, economic viability of various administrative acts and contracts along the current municipal administration.

He recalled that this year, several letters were sent to Coari Prefecture in order to request a copy of notices of administrative processes and produced public documents and "manipulated" by the public entity.

"However, as a way to prevent / obstruct / hinder the supervision of the prosecution process, city ​​managers have adopted a strategy of not providing certain information requested to instruct extrajudicial proceedings pending before the 1st Prosecutor's Office of Coari / AM or other for it to be assessed the need to establish research in the ministerial body ", informs the action.

The magistrate said there had enough evidence to show that they were sent several requests to the mayor and all were ignored. "At which time, again emphasized, there may be cases where there is a greater difficulty in supplying the information required, but for such situations, can apply delay for sending, which will certainly be served by ombudsman, that as a state agent is subject to the principles of reasonableness and proportionality ", says another order of the stretch.

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