Alessandra Campelo threat 'to the face’ Dermilson of Chagas in discussion

As he spoke what he wanted Alessandra also heard what was not wanted and remembered the alleged payment of daily luxury hotel in Brasilia.
11/07/2018 16h50 - Updated 12/07/2018 17h26
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Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

The government leader in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (hazard), Dermilson Chagas (PP), and Mrs Alessandra Campelo (MDB) They staged a large shack in plenary on Wednesday, 11, that counted even with threat of physical aggression by the parliamentary.

The reason for the fight was the impositive amendments that the opposition members of the government are fighting in court for the application of his statements, while Dermilson and Belarmino Lins (PP), had their committed by the government. Based on this Alessandra got on the ALE-AM with the irony and congratulated the two parliamentary.

As he spoke what he wanted to hear what Emedebistas also declined to. Dermilson took the podium, He clarified that there was no execution, only commitment and also used to sacarmos in his speech saying deep investigations also needed to be made in Bad Paths to know what was done with the money in Brasilia referring to the alleged payment of daily luxury hotel in the federal capital for Alessandra and former Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo.

Visibly changed the parliamentary left his place minutes later with the finger in the air, He demanded the respect Dermilson, He said "would in his face", he was a 'bastard’ and in response he said that 'naughty’ was her. The fight was set apart by the president of ALE-AM, David Almeida (PSB).

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