Supporters of Aziz Nejmi are required by the electoral justice to take social networks early advertising

influential people in the state are changing profile picture on social networks to include a message of support to the pre-candidate.
19/07/2018 14h47 - Updated 19/07/2018 18h30
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The Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) answered the request of the Electoral Prosecutor (Electoral MP) e determined, within 24 hours, the photo removing the profile of Mario Miranda Jumbo Aufiero, By early propaganda for pre-candidate for state representative Abdel Aziz Nejmi Jomaa. In his personal page on Instagram, Mario Aufiero changed the profile picture, introducing the "Me and My Family We are NEJMI pre-candidate AZIZ Dep. State".

Besides Mario Aufiero, MP against the Electoral represented Márcio André Oliveira Brito, which also changed the profile photo on the social network to include a message of support to the candidacy of Nejmi Aziz.

in the representations, Electoral MP points out that the canvass is only allowed after the day 15 of Election year in August, in terms of Clause 36 of Law 9.504/97. Prior to this date, It can be made only mention of the alleged application, the exaltation of the personal qualities of the candidates and pre-disclosure of personal positions on political issues, including on social networks, not being allowed to disseminate voter support messages with explicit explanations of vote.

The pre-candidate Nejmi Aziz is also represented among, since she and those responsible for the profiles are friends on Instagram, indicating prior knowledge of it regarding advertisements.

The Electoral MP asked the Court to grant an injunction to determine the immediate withdrawal of the canvass of the personal profile page of the represented in the social network Instagram and, after the processing of representations, the condemnation of Nejmi Aziz, Márcio Brito and Mario Aufiero to pay a fine of R $ 5 thousand for each, as provided for in Article 36, paragraph 3, of Law 9.504/97.

After the injunction, the representation involving Mario Aufiero follows handled in the TRE-AM under No. 0600133-46.2018.6.04.0000 to analyze the fine application. The representation involving Márcio Brito follows being processed under No. 0600127-39.2018.6.04.0000.

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