Bolsa Familia begins to pay on Wednesday with benefit adjustment

Reajuste é de 5,67%; pagamento será escalonado até dia 31.
18/07/2018 18h52 - Updated 18/07/2018 18h52
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Those enrolled in the Bolsa Família begin to receive on Wednesday with the benefit adjustment 5,67%. Payment will be staggered until the day 31 Of this month. The information was released Wednesday by the Ministry of Social Development (MDS).

Second paste, to see the day when the money can be withdrawn, it is sufficient that the recipient check the Social Identification Number (NIS) printed on the card. Those ending with final 1 They can draw on the first day of payment. The end with 2, the next day and so on.

The funds are available to serve for a period of three months. The benefit is intended for families enrolled in the Single Registry and with per capita monthly income of up to R $ 89, as well as those with monthly per capita income of up to R $ 178 they have among their members pregnant women, children or adolescents.

By entering the program, families make commitments in the areas of education and health, which are known as conditionality.

The MDS recalls that children and adolescents need to have school attendance 85%. For young people 16 e 17 years, the percentage required is 75%. Health conditionality, one of the commitments is keep up vaccination of children and prenatal care of pregnant women.

The last adjustment of the Bolsa Família happened at this same time, two years ago. In 2016, the benefit had also been two years without increases. This adjustment 5,67% It was approved in May by the government. Bolsa Familia is the largest Union's social disbursement, consuming about R $ 29 billion annually, distributed almost 14 million households.

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