Suzane von Richthofen crime will turn movie

'The girl who killed parents’ It is set to open in 2019.
18/07/2018 19h04 - Updated 18/07/2018 19h04
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The crime and the trial of a case that has shocked the country will turn movie. Suzane von Richthofen and Daniel and Cristian Cravinhos brothers will be portrayed in the film “The girl who killed parents ". A film, Gallery Distributor, Showcase of Films arm dedicated to the release of films with more commercial appeal, it was announced on Tuesday.

The three were convicted of killing the parents of Suzane, Manfred e Marisia of Richtofen, in 2002. The film script is ready and the recordings are planned to take place in the second half of 2018. A Galeria Distribuidora, Santa Rita Films and director Mauricio Eça are doing the casting to select the actors who will interpret VonRichthofen Suzane and Daniel Cravinhos. Filming should begin this year and is expected to debut 2019.

The director will be Mauricio Eça ("Apnea" and "Carousel”). In a statement, he says that the film will be a “psychological suspense thriller”, which will address the reasons surrounding the crime “details and never discussed before discussions on the case”.

"The film will tell is a psychological thriller, Thrillers, where we will discuss the reasons that led to the fact, However, in detail and never before discussed discussions about the case. Undoubtedly this is a very strong and unique story and for being real it all the more absurd and provocative.

The film behind a subject that many people know and have preconceived ideas, but people do not know the most important thing is the reason that took her daughter and her boyfriend to kill her parents. That is why, this project part of a larger challenge is to understand a little the mind of each of the two killers ", says the director Mauricio Eça.

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