'Doctor Butt’ He is arrested along with his mother after patient death in cosmetic surgery

Denis César Barros Furtado was a fugitive accused of murder for the death of Lilian Calixto. Or doctor, on your website, announced that calls made in Manaus.
19/07/2018 18h18 - Updated 19/07/2018 18h18
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Vinicius Lisbon and Vladimir Platonov – Agency Brazil

The doctor Denis César Barros Furtado, from 45 years, He was arrested this afternoon (19) in a business center in Barra da Tijuca, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. The doctor's mother, Maria de Fátima Furtado, He was also arrested. Or doctor, on your website, announced that calls made in Manaus.

Known as Dr. Butt, Denis Furtado was a fugitive accused of murder, because the patient Lilian Calixto died during a cosmetic procedure performed in professional coverage, in western Rio.

According to the military police said on its Twitter profile, officers of the 31st Battalion intelligence sector effected the arrest. The doctor will be forwarded to the 16th DP, in Barra da Tijuca.

The delegate of the 16th DP, Adriana Belém, found satisfactory outcome. She said the defense Denis had agreed that the doctor was present at 16h, but military police located his whereabouts while he and his mother were still in his lawyer's office.

“They [Denis and mother] They will be heard, collected. I will fulfill what I woke up to the lawyer and fulfill the arrest warrant”, said the delegate. According to Adriana Belem, the two must spend the night at the station, because there are still many facts to be clarified.

The duty of the Court of Justice ruled yesterday (18) the arrest of Denis and his mother, Maria Fatima, what, although with the medical record from 2015, I would have participated surgery, and his girlfriend, Renata Cirne, which was taken to the prison Benfica, in the north of the city.

The temporary detention was requested by doubly qualified murder of crime and criminal association. If convicted, the doctor may catch up 36 years in prison.

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