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A Semsa intensificou as ações de vacinação em Manaus
16/07/2018 19h02 - Updated 17/07/2018 15h22

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Measles is an acute infectious disease, viral in nature, grave, transmitted and highly contagious, very common in childhood, however, also affects adults. It is transmitted directly, by eliminating the pharynx droplets and nose when sneezing, to cough, speaking or breathing.

The Municipal Health (Sems) intensified vaccination activities in Manaus and reports that children from 6 months to adults up 49 years should be vaccinated.

What are the symptoms of the disease?
● High fever
● reddish stains the body
● Cough
● Runny nose
● Conjunctivitis

As vaccination works?
● Children 06 a 11 months receive one dose of vaccine.
● From 12 months should receive one dose of MMR vaccine and 15 months with a dose MMRV vaccine. O scheme, with these two vaccines, can be followed until the 4 years old, if the child has not received the appropriate dates.
● People 5 a 29 years must have proof of at least two doses of MMR, if no, should receive two doses with an interval of 30 days.
● People 30 a 49 years should receive or confirm one dose of MMR vaccine.
● Lock Vaccination:
Everyone from 06 months had contact with a suspected case of measles, must have their immunization status evaluated and vaccinated according to the situation found.

Where can I find the vaccine?
In Manaus, the vaccine is available in 183 health facilities. Access semsa.manaus.am.gov.br site and consult the health unit closest to you.

The Measles can have complications?
The Measles is a disease that can complicate, therefore, stay tuned:
● If the fever to stay for more than three days after the appearance of red spots on the body;
● Presence cough with yellow phlegm;
● Pain and inflammation in the ear with or without secretion;
● Difficulty breathing;
● Presence of diarrhea and vomiting.

Look for the nearest health service of your home for medical evaluation.

How the diagnosis?
Diagnosis of Measles can only be confirmed by laboratory. That is why, It is very important to collect a first blood sample already at the time of attendance at the Health Unit and a second sample, if necessary, between 11 e 25 days after the first.

What are the recommendations for the disease?
● The person with the disease can be transmitted to other, six days before the appearance of red spots on the body and up to four days later;
● Avoid taking the child or adult with measles for environments with overcrowding;
● A person with measles should stay home at least four days after the appearance of spots on the body;
● Keep the patient in a ventilated room;
● Administer plenty of fluids;
● If children on exclusive breastfeeding, not stop breastfeeding.

More information
Important: the Semsa has 10 extended hours health units that run up to 21h, from Monday to Friday. no Saturday, these 10 units meet from 8am to 12pm. Visit semsa.manaus.am.gov.br to locate the nearest unit you.

Protect your family. Get vaccinated against measles.

By: Municipal Communication responsibility of the advertiser content

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