Ex-BBB Ana Clara fires lawyer after suffering attack on social network

A carioca percebeu que três ou quatro perfis passaram a persegui-la e a comentar, form of slanderous, everything she put.
16/07/2018 19h06 - Updated 16/07/2018 19h06
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After being announced as a new reporter Show Video, the former BBB Ana Clara came under constant attacks from haters on your Instagram. With 7 million followers on the social network, Rio's realized that three or four profiles began to chase her and comment, form of slanderous, everything she put.

Because of this, she sought the lawyer Ricardo Brajterman, this week will provide complaint with the Bureau of Suppression of Information Technology Crimes (Keep).

"Three or four profiles, which suggest that they are false, since they have few followers, They are chasing her with hate speech and offenses that clash with the thousands of other ", said the lawyer to the portal UOL, in this Monday, 16 July.

The attacks have intensified in recent days with lies and untruths about it. "The police will identify the source and those responsible will suffer criminal and civil action", completed Brajterman.

"As it started to get stronger and overcome any limit of acceptable and freedom of expression - turning into libel and slander - will go to DRCI not only to the complaint of the crime, but also to identify the source and those responsible, who will suffer prosecution and civil. The compensation will be fixed at a value that has punitive and pegagógico character ", He added the lawyer, already in talks to Who magazine.

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