Managers who do not pay fines to TCE may be protested in registry offices of the Amazon

Who does not make payment of the amounts owed no later than 30 days, have protested the name.
11/07/2018 15h46 - Updated 12/07/2018 17h26
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A technical cooperation agreement signed between the counselor president of Amazon Court (TCE-AM), Yara Lins dos Santos and President Securities Protest Studies Institute Brazil – section Amazon (IEPTB-AM), Cloves Barbosa de Siqueira, on the morning of Wednesday (11), will allow public managers of the Amazon have the names included in 72 notary State protests (six in Manaus), if you do not pay the fines imposed by TEC collegiate.

From now on, managers who are fined for irregularities by TEC collegiate and not to carry out the payment of amounts due no later than 30 days, have names automatically included in the restrictive credit entries, being unable to make purchases, loans, financing, among others, until they realize the payment together with the notary protests.

The vice president of the TCE-AM, director Mario Mello, and adviser Joshua Son signed the technical cooperation agreement, which will last two years, It may be extended for equal time.

Agreement provides for reduction of default
For the counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, besides being a teaching tool, The cooperation agreement aims to reduce the number of non-performing managers with the Court of Auditors in relation to the fines.

"This partnership will enable the ECA to succeed in the application and receipt of fines values, since managers may only have the restrictions removed upon payment of the amount due to the Court ", said the president of the TCE-AM, revealing that at least 90% of managers who are fined by the ECA do not make payment of fines, which are entered in the municipal and state outstanding debt.

As president of the Section Amazon IEPTB, Cloves Barbosa de Siqueira, the partnership will be a facilitator for the TEC conclude its procedural requirements more effectively. "We work to help with this credit recovery from the Amazon of Auditors Court expeditiously and at no cost to the Court, electronically ", He pointed to emphasize that managers with protested names can be canceled restrictions as soon as the payment is carried out with a Amazonas protest notary.

Mario adviser Mello congratulated the new partnership in the North and the good example that the Court of Accounts Amazon gives other controlling bodies. "The ECA is to be congratulated for the initiative that serves as a framework for the audit courts of Brazil", commented.

To congratulate the Court of Auditors for carrying out the cooperation agreement, Councilor Joshua Son, who chairs the 1st Chamber of the Court, He stressed the importance of the cooperation agreement did not charge for the ECA. "Requests for protests will be forwarded electronically by the ECA to notaries, but in cases of involuntary uploads or abandonment sending, the Court of Auditors will not be charged anything, You will have no cost to the ECA ", said.

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