Giovanna Antonelli wins lawsuit against drug company to slim down; Civil police investigate crime

Used company name and actress images in advertisements and commercial matters without authorization. Judge ruled payment of R $ 20 thousand of compensation for moral damages.
21/07/2018 16h15 - Updated 21/07/2018 16h15
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The judge of the 1st Civil Court of Barra da Tijuca, in the river, granted gain because the actress Giovanna Antonelli in the open process in the second half of 2017 against the company Kaiser Intermediation Business. The actress claims that had his image used improperly and without authorization in advertising and false materials on the site of a weight loss drug.

The decision was taken at first instance and both the actress and the company can enter resources. in a statement, the company said it will appeal the ruling, adding that the action was dismissed as to the company's default. The company also states that the product which quotes the actress in their advertisements does not belong to the company Kaiser intermediation Business.

according to her, at the time they were apaenas logistics company, responsible for product conditioning process of its customers and delivering them to the final consumer. They note that not worked in manufacturing, direct sale or dissemination of the products of these companies customers.

The award of Arthur Eduardo Magalhães Ferreira judge, which was published on 3 July, requires the company to pay an indemnity of R $ 20 thousand for moral damages, plus late interest 12% per year, more 10% the value of the conviction on procedural fees and expenses. The amount of compensation for property damage will still be arbitrated.

“The case was tried in absentia, because the company was not interested in presenting a defender in action. A company lawyer came to look for us to propose an out of court settlement. But it did not pass this initial contact. But the value for property damage will depend on further assessment of an expert. He will check how much it would cost the hype, If Giovanna accept participate in the sale of this medicine and how much it would receive for this work. Only then arbitrarily a value, in my understanding, It must be much greater than the compensation for moral damages, to have punitive”, said the lawyer of the actress, Mariana Zonenschein.

According to the sentence, Giovanna Antonelli had a name and image conveyed in fictional newspapers and company websites. On false trade matters, the actress appeared saying he had used the drug Turbo Slim to lose weight after pregnancy.

Giovanna, who reported never having used the drug, He filed a lawsuit against the company for fear that false materials could induce people to consume the product. The actress also called for the opening of an investigation on the Suppression of the Police Computer Crimes (Keep) against sites that broadcasted these false trade matters.

“Giovanna was very worried because I never used this drug for weight loss and , suddenly, He began to receive calls and messages from people asking indication of the remedy, induced by the false and materials, as chamadas fake news. She was worried to see their name associated with a product she totally unaware and could tarnish her image”, He told the lawyer.

According to the advice of the Civil Police, The inquiry was launched and investigations are still underway.

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