straight man states that became gay after taking painkillers

He claims that the drug did completely lose attraction to women.
11/07/2018 18h00 - Updated 11/07/2018 18h00
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Scott Purdy, 23 years, He described himself as a heterosexual man who kept an active life with women before you start taking a type of painkiller called pregabalin.

He claims that the drug did completely lose attraction to women, leading him to abandon his girlfriend and, immediately, be attracted to men. The drug was prescribed by a doctor after he had broken his foot in early 2018.

"I noticed my libido for women leaving and my attention turned to the men", said Scott. Also known by the trade name Lyrica, the manufacturer is Pfizer - global pharmaceutical giant that also produces Viagra.

"A few weeks after you start taking, I turned to my girlfriend and said he no longer felt physically attracted. She knew I was taking pregabalin ", He stressed.

substance, according to the newspaper Mirror, It is used to treat epilepsy, headaches and generalized anxiety disorder. Besides that, their documented side effects include loss of libido and mood swings.

Scott points out that its purpose is to alert people: "If you prescribe this in the future, I think people should know what this medicine can do. It took me a while to realize what was happening. I stopped taking the drug for a few weeks and the desire by men began to disappear ".

"But, I am now gay. I am very happy. I want to keep taking the medicine because it makes me happy with my sexuality, it makes me feel good. It's really liberating. Pregabalin is also used to control the paranoia and anxiety and it made me so 'open mind' that do not care about what people think or say ", concluded.

A manufacturer Pfizer spokesman spoke on the topic: "When properly prescribed and administered in accordance with approved labeling, Lyrica (pregabalin) It is an important and effective treatment option for many people living with chronic neuropathic pain, generalized anxiety disorder and epilepsy ".

"Clinical efficacy was demonstrated in medicine since a large number of robust clinical trials of thousands of patients living with these conditions. Until now, the global exposure to pregabalin is estimated at 34 million patients a year ... ".

To make a participation in the program This Morning, to talk about the change after taking the painkiller, a doctor was asked for comment. The Doctor. Ranj Singh, who is gay, It was categorical in stating that they are not the drugs that made patients "turn gay", but only allowed or helped him to show who he really was.

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