Industrialists receive measles vaccination

Near 900 employees of a pole industry received the application doses of MMR.
19/07/2018 18h07 - Updated 19/07/2018 18h07
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Within the second stage of the Plan of Intensified Measles in Manaus, released by Manaus Prefecture, the Municipal Health teams (Sems) intensify vaccination in areas of high concentration of the target audience, As or Industrial District, in the south. This Thursday, (19), 900 employees of a pole industry received the application doses of MMR, which also protects against mumps and rubella.

This is the fourth industry to receive vaccination teams. The action is part of the city plan, which aims to cover 95% the city's population between 6 months 49 years against measles.

The company's operations manager, Valeria Valente, It reported that the factory has more than 2,2 thousand employees, between actual and outsourced, of which 900 They work in the commercial period. "The team from our factory will ensure immunization of these employees, given that, because of working hours, there's no way to address the health post. E, we identify some cases where employees, We feared for the health of others. We want to contribute to the blocking of this virus ", He stressed.

The industriária Rosana Mosque, 39, was ensure their immunization, taking the dose of the vaccine at the factory. "I know that immunization is critical to ensure our health. And the concern that the company had to bring the team here was fundamental, because, as a full-time job, I would not have to go to the clinic. That is why, came soon ensure my ", commented.

The municipal secretary of Partnerships and Strategic Projects (Semppe), Maria Josepha Keys, said that every partnership is positive for the general population has immunization service. "Several companies have supported the council's work and have requested the vaccine intermediation service, due to cases of disease identified in its employees. Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto ruled that the council would meet all the requests to Manaus can interrupt the circulation of the virus measles definitely ", highlighted.

The nurse Eldiane Figueira da Basic Health Unit (UBS) Almir Quarry, I was applying the vaccine factory, He reported that UBS is already attending the fourth company in the Industrial District with measles cases among employees. "We are given cases of companies where there is not only incidence of measles, as mumps and rubella. We want to make measles lock in this whole area of ​​the city ", strengthened.

Health Management Undersecretary of Semsa, Adriana Elias, reported that the plan, developed through technical and financial collaboration between Semsa, Ministry of Health (MS), Pan American Health Organization (GUIDE), Ministry of Health (Sesame), also includes vaccine scan, with house vaccination at home, in three districts with the highest incidence of measles, considering population quantitative criteria, number of notifications and / or cases of confirmation.

"In this second stage of Intensified Immunization Plan Measles, whose target audience people aged from six months to 49 years, It is also provided for the application of the vaccine in institutions and companies, Epidemiological following the guidance priority neighborhoods ", said Undersecretary.

The MMR vaccine is available in 183 vaccine rooms for people aged six months 49 years. Total, Manaus has 2.660 notifications of the disease, with 444 confirmed cases, 119 discarded after research and 2.097 waiting for laboratory results.

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