Mileide Michael the, boot mouth in trambone and reveals how caught safadão with Thyane in motel

The former wife of singer said he decided to put an end to the relationship when he saw the scene.
11/07/2018 17h47 - Updated 11/07/2018 17h47
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After all the controversy with the alleged application for a reduction of pension to his son, Yhudy, Mileide and Wesley safadão are becoming one of the most talked about topics in the world of the famous. To feed the whole 'war' among fans, the former singer gave an interview to Antonia Fontenelle channel talking about the past relationship.

Mileide made it clear that, before sorting, there was no kind of crisis in two of the relationship: "The fans continue to see a fairy tale because our relationship was no crisis. Our final point did not come from a crisis. Were eight and a half of marriage ".

The celebrity said he decided to put an end to the relationship when she found the safadão leaving the motel with Thyane Dantas, his current wife: "He was at home, is preparing to travel. He had one chartered jet and the whole family was going to travel the next day to celebrate his birthday. As usual, always left him at the airport and he said it did not. But he was always very routed. All passwords were with me. If anything happened, I could access to help you. He left and did not call me ".

Mileide managed to track him down for a mobile app and found that the singer was in the motel: “I did not go in motel, but when I double the street, I see in a car I've never seen in my life, low glass, he leaving the motel with Thyane Dantas, Current his wife. Already knew. She attended the shows, asked autographs in shopping ... He did not see me, but I had the action of bumping the foot on the accelerator, I smacked his car, the car spun, He entered the wall of the motel”, said.

"I went down car, gave slap ... It was crazy. I chose to separate and we stayed in a huge family conflict. It was very worrying ", finished.

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