Parents abused their son 11 years to 'teach him to not be gay'

during trial, it emerged that the boy was forced to watch sexual acts, and to participate in,.
04/07/2018 16h54 - Updated 4/07/2018 16h54
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Another homophobia absurd case was passed, after a couple, that did not have the identity revealed, be condemned by Readon Crown Court court of the United Kingdom, by having sex in front of son 11 years, and includes the boy in his fucks, incurring vulnerable rape, "To teach him not to be gay".

During the trial, it emerged that the boy was forced to watch sexual acts, and to participate in,, They are compelled to perform oral sex on her nipples of her stepmother, in addition to parts of their genitals touched by the same.

According to website information "Pink News", stepmother was sentenced to 9 years in prison for indecent assault on stepson, and her father 6 years of detention to induce the boy to act.

The case was first reported to Justice in 1998 the victim, who is now 30 years. In season, parents were able to deceive the authorities, and the investigation did not have further.

Even so, the victim did not give up and, years later, could reopen the case. Now, the heads were condemned.

In its opinion, Judge Maria Lamb said the boy "was a child neglected by their parents" and pointed out that the stepmother used the boy, who saw in it a mother, "To satisfy their sexual desires".

With the end of trial, the young man said he hopes his story can "help someone who goes through it to denounce the perpetrators". if you can, he says "will be happy" not to have given up on doing justice.

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