Research shows David Almeida as a major opponent of Amazonino, which will take you to the second round

Apesar das pesquisas apontarem em alguns cenários a derrota de David ele é o candidato com menor rejeição enquanto que Amazonino é o mais rejeitado.
16/07/2018 14h30 - Updated 17/07/2018 15h22
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In new polls of intention to vote of the companies search 365 e Action, Manaus, the governor (PDT) It would be in the second round in the dispute re-election scenario. In all scenarios it appears with its biggest rival (PSB), close to take its leadership, However, follow next (PSD) and Wilson Lima (PSC).

In the study of # Pesquisa365, Durango Duarte, Amazonino has 24,8% of voting intentions. David 16,4%, Omar 12,9% and Wilson 12,6%. The pedetista appears in the study of Action, Afrânio of Soares, with 34,3%, followed by the same research group from another: David with 19,6%, Wilson with 17,9% and the sea, 11,6%.

According to the Action, Amazonino win elections are disputed with the presenter and Wilson Lima (PSC). To the deputy, the result would be 42,1% a 35,3%, Now the journalist would 41,8% a 36,6%.

In # Pesquisa365 Amazonino is tested three scenarios runoff against Almeida, Omar e Wilson Lima, However, the three, David is the only one who can prevent the reelection of Governor Amazonino with a tight result 36,7% Against 36,6%, the current head of the state executive. Then Wilson Lima also appears as a strong competitor but would lose the 32,5% a 38,6%. Omar was also defeated by 36,5% a 28%.

Despite research pointing in some scenarios the defeat he is the candidate with less rejection by voters (5,6%) while Amazonino, shoots as rejected (26,7%).

The Action also heard voters about the preference for the Senate. In October, voters will choose two names. In stimulated simulation, in which the names of candidates are presented to respondents, Senator appears in front by a wide margin, followed by the former MEP (PP). Senator ranks third, Followed by .

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