PF makes final effort to complete investigation against Temer

Research investigates if Temer favored port companies in exchange for kickbacks in the edition of the decree of Ports.
11/07/2018 17h55 - Updated 11/07/2018 17h55

The siege around President Michel Temer is closing more and more. Second column Matheus Piglet, Globe, the Federal Police (PF) strengthened in 25 policemen and three experts the team responsible for the investigation of the Ports in a last effort to complete investigations until Tuesday.

In early May, the rapporteur of the case in the Supreme Court (STF), Minister Luís Roberto Barroso attended the request of the PF and extended the deadline for completion of the investigation for more 60 days. Research investigates if Temer favored port companies in exchange for kickbacks in the edition of the decree of Ports.

In a last effort to complete investigations, PF also mobilized the National Institute computer service expertise of Criminology and some police officers linked to public funds diversion areas and intelligence to analyze the data obtained during the investigation period. The forecast was that the police worked uninterruptedly in the last days, including in Brazil in the World Cup games, to complete the case, opened in September last year.

Last month, Barroso responded to a request from the Attorney General's Office and included the award-winning collaboration of Lucio Funaro money changer in the survey. In his denunciation, Funaro said Temer has business with the company Rodrimar, it would have been benefited by the new legislation, e, that is why, directly influenced the approval of the decree. The text of extended 25 for 35 year concessions of the port sector, extendable up to 70 years.

The investigation was opened on other fronts. In June, O Globo newspaper report showed that PF is also investigating new evidence of bribe payments to Colonel John the Baptist Lima, personal friend of President, referring to the Port of Santos contract. Police found in the safe of Argeplan, Colonel company, a spreadsheet indicating the transfer to Lima 17% of a contract 50 million reais in force by 15 years, from 1998.

In a report sent to the STF, the delegate Cleyber Malta Lopes, conducting investigations, He said the financial structure of Argeplan was glued to the provision of "demands of public and private life" Michel Temer.

Also according to the report, the links between Fear and Colonel earn "more relevant" because of the reform in Maristela Temer house, President's daughter (and subject to the same survey), conducted by Colonel company. The renovation was paid in cash by the colonel's wife.

when completed, research can base a new report from the Attorney General's Office against Temer. While Centrão remains ally of President, he could stop the advance of the termination. But President Temer will not be for much longer, and sees a post-mandate increasingly complicated.

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