Tulio Gadelha, boyfriend Fátima Bernardes evaluates compete wave of federal deputy for PDT

He said, however, that if candidate, not count with his girlfriend as canvasser.
21/07/2018 15h52 - Updated 23/07/2018 17h03
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Officially, the star of the convention PDT, this Friday, is the party's candidate for the Presidency, Ciro Gomes. But of the attention is focused on the alternate congressman Tulio Gadelha (PDT-PE), best known for being the presenter boyfriend Fátima Bernardes. He answered the repeated requests of selfies of event participants, especially the female audience.

Gadelha evaluates compete again to the House this year, but says he is awaiting a decision of the team which participates, called "We Believe", which should take place next week. He said, however, that if candidate, not count with his girlfriend as canvasser, because her contract with TV Globo not allow.

in an interview, Gadelha lamented that the so-called "blocão" has given up supporting Cyrus, because the TV time, but said, ideologically, it was better this way.

- because Weakens, ideologically, is very important to us that Cyrus talk. It has content and TV time is strategic. But for me, I'm more concerned about building an ideological project, is indifferent - he said.

While Cyrus tries to close an alliance with PSB, Gadelha criticized the governor of your state, Pernambuco, Paul Hall (PSB), trying to lead his party close alliance with the PT, an eye on the popularity of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

- Paul Chamber looks very numbers and is worried about his re-election, but it has been inconsistent. The PSB voted for the impeachment of Rousseff and the voter knows this - he said. Gadelha said, However, that the priority is to Cyrus election and, on behalf of that, sees no problem in an alliance with PSB.

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