Only black presenter Video Show points racism globe in resignation

Aline Prado made an outburst on a social network and pointed reason for his resignation from the Globe program.
20/07/2018 17h57 - Updated 20/07/2018 17h57
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The journalist Aline Prado, first and only black to hold the position of host of the Show Video, He made an outburst on a social network and pointed out that his resignation from the Globe program is associated with the color of your skin. “Are contemporary lashes. Do not let us take the big house room, for more qualified us to be”, He wrote on Instagram.

The text Alinne was a response to the comment of a follower, Patricia identified as Rammos. She praised the casting of former BBBs Fernanda Keula, Vivian Amorim and Ana Clara Lima to Show Video next to Sophia Abraham to, but I missed a more mature professional. He also pointed out the lack of diversity in the cast. All current presenting are white with blond hair or red.

“Despite being the first black to sit in the program counter, was fired on the grounds that, although much like my work, needed someone more 'neutral’ (sic) than me. And as they were going through a crisis, they needed to wipe the reporters frame (that after my output increased). I never spoke of it publicly, but it hurts me too much to see it happen”, blurted.

Alinne worked on Show Video of 2015 e 2017. But in 2016, Globo decided to again change the format following the departure of Monica Iozzi and poor performance of Maíra Charken, promoting a rotation presenters.

Octavian Costa followed as the only fixed on the bench, and Aline Prado began to take turns with Joaquim Lopes, Rafael Cortez, Susana Vieira and own Maíra.

“It's nothing against the girls of the Show Video. It is against the colonization of our imagination. We can only get on TV if it is in subservience situation and suffering. And as always quota. It is against we find that there is no racism. This is all mimimi. While blacks do not cross your arms and close your eyes to it, We continue to be amordaçados, whipped, invizibilizados and killed. We need allies in this fight. We need you!”, wrote.

In addition to the response to the follower and the text published in your timeline on Instagram, Alinne resorted to Stories and other messages posted, stressing that his resignation from the Globe would have been motivated by racism.

“It is the television. We know very well what happened to me, what is happening to a lot of people being invisibly, You do not see, You do not see representation. While we do not recognize in Brazil that do not recognize in Brazil that there is indeed racism, that there is this space, this gap between blacks and non-blacks, You will not change it”, blurted.

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