YouTube turns under investigation prosecutors

Google's video platform would have privacy terms unsuitable for children.
21/07/2018 16h08 - Updated 21/07/2018 16h08
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The YouTube, Google's video platform online, She turned under investigation by the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories. Conducted by the Protection of Personal Data Commission, public civil investigation is to analyze how the company treats the data of Brazilian children who use the site or the YouTube mobile app.

Among the motivations for the research is the fact that Google requires, in their terms of privacy, users of the online service are of legal age and the number of data that is collected when someone accesses these services. In simple terms, it is necessary that an adult responsible authorize the collection of information, otherwise, they were being collected without due approval.

The company was also similar research target in the United States, na Federal Trade Commission, which regulates the US market.

The case of the reasoning in Brazil is based on the Consumer Protection Code, which prohibits companies from taking advantage of ignorance or weakness of consumers due to age.

Google Brazil declined to comment on the case, until the time of completion of report. If statement, the text will be updated. update: The official position of the company was as follows: "We do not comment specific cases" .

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