Bolsonaro not rule out going to debate, says vice opponents lower level of discussion

The candidate said on Thursday that it will participate in the debates with presidential candidates.
23/08/2018 18h20 - Updated 24/08/2018 17h53
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The PSL's presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, He said on Thursday that it will participate in the debates with presidential candidates, as his campaign schedule allow, highlighting once the meetings in environments "knowingly unfavorable", while his running mate said the opponents lower the level of discussion.
"From the beginning we kindly attended to several invitations to interviews, hearings and debates throughout Brazil, almost always notoriously harsh environments. We will continue seeking to meet the invitations in good faith, without compromising our agenda ", Bolsonaro tweeted this afternoon.

The vice presidential candidate, retired general of the Army Hamilton Mourão (PRTB), He said Bolsonaro himself believes that his absence would not impact on voters seeking win.

"He is the candidate who is ahead, then each debate these other candidates seeking, instead of discussing at high level, end up putting the debate in the lower level ", Mourao told Reuters.

"Every decision has pros and cons. The counter would be this one (It looks like you're running away from debate), but in his view, he believes that, the voters who are seeking, this will not influence ", he added.

Mourao argued that Bolsonaro campaign depends on scheduled flights and is often difficult to reconcile the commitments.

"He (Bolsonaro) You need to be elsewhere, his campaign is very exciting, almost asleep on the plane. And remember that our campaign is a campaign done in airlines, It is not jet ", said.

Bolsonaro is the leader of the research on voting intentions to the presidency in the first round in the scenarios without the presence of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), which should be barred from competition for Clean Record Law.

Early, President of the PSL, Gustavo Bebiano, He told Reuters that the applicant's participation in the televised debates "is not a priority", but cautioned that the campaign command had not yet taken a decision not to attend these events.

"It is not priority. These debates do not favor anything, It does not add anything. Formatting levels everyone below, It seems contest Pinocchio: everyone has miracle cure ", said Bebiano.

In video released in June via your social networks, himself -even Bolsonaro pre-candidate for president on occasion-had said it would participate in all debates on television. Until now, he attended the two carried on television, promoted by Band and RedeTV!.

according Bebiano, there is a resolution of the campaign in favor of the agendas Bolsonaro with the people and that next week will Bolsonaro from Monday to Sunday schedules in Mato Grosso, Rio Grande do Sul, Acre and Rondônia.

"When it is committed to attend the debates and invitations, you do not campaign ", said the president of PSL, adding that Bolsonaro is the only candidate who has not lost touch with the reality of the people. "The rest of the political class is foreign to Brazil."

Asked if the non-attendance of Bolsonaro show a "glass ceiling" candidate, the president's party rejected. "Each one interprets things the way you want. What brought the candidate so far is the spontaneity, It is not on the fence, agree it or not with his positions. "

Bebiano also stated that the results of research -as Datafolha released véspera- who pointed Bolsonaro defeat in the second round to most major opponents are a "big question mark".

"The information do not match, our research is on the street ", said, citing the support Bolsonaro received on Wednesday at campaign rally in Presidente Prudente, in São Paulo. "The city literally stopped, and there is the territory of Alckmin ", he added, a reference to the PSDB presidential candidate, Geraldo Alckmin, former Governor of the State.

Mourao also showed caution to the results presented in research, playing one of the most popular arguments for it.

"I have a certain distrust of these surveys, up because I do not know anyone who has been researched, I never met anyone who had been researched. I prefer to wait more the unfolding campaign, the beginning of TV time itself, despite our being too small, but we will wait here a little longer to see what is going to consolidate it ", said the deputy candidate.

Source: Reuters

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