David says public safety goes beyond equipping police

to David, Amazon lives the worst time of the last public safety 35 years.
20/08/2018 20h52 - Updated 20/08/2018 20h52
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The residents of the East Zone seeking solutions to the issue of insecurity in the Amazon candidate for governor by Renova Amazonas coalition, David Almeida (PSB), He said the solution to this problem lies not in the mere rigging police, but a set of actions between strategic departments, for youth and their families. The applicant's statement was made to the various families of John Paul neighborhood, East Zone of Manaus, during walk on the afternoon of Monday (20).

to David, Amazon lives the worst time of the last public safety 35 years. According to him, or State, whose budget is expected to reach R $ 19 billion this year, It is able to invest in the valuation and qualification of public security and intelligence modernization. The candidate said, still, which will enhance the effective of the military and civil police, in addition to the Fire Brigade. It will be a whole set of integrated actions to the "Gift Police", to be connected to the "Protection Network of Life".

The homicide rate in the last two months - June and July – a record, 50 for 100 thousand, a high 35%, Violence as Atlas data. With the "Gift Police", David explained that the state will work with the patrol ostensible, preventive and repressive, widen and improve monitoring 24 hours by cameras around the city, to promote safety and quality of life. "The state has the resources to do this kind of investment, needed to combat criminal gangs, that they have transformed Manaus in a city with a civil war scenario ", said the candidate.

Besides qualifying security corporations, David said, with the program "Protection Network of Life", Your government will implement the project "School and Community", which aims to keep public schools of the state of open education by midnight, during weekends and holidays, creating a safe space for leisure activities practices, sports and culture community. Still on the "Protection Network of Life", he said it would promote culture incentive projects, to sports and social initiatives, to end the cooptation of the young by drug trafficking.

Resident of John Paul neighborhood, the receptionist Vanya Cavalcante, 28, I told David that the main complaint of local residents is the insecurity in the streets, because of drug trafficking, generating a war by area of ​​command between traffickers. In addition to this scenario, what worries Vanya are the bus assaults, she has been the victim. “Some day, when I returned from work on the line 671, there at the height of Crowned, around 20h, two men announced the robbery. It was really bad. This sort of thing has to end”, said the receptionist.

The Eldo merchant Sousa, 57, who lives there 21 years in John Paul, tired of hearing daily reports of violence near. For him, a deep intervention in the public security system is necessary. “We live in fear of crime. We need a more present security. They pass a few cars here and, is formos count, every day at least two dies close to home. To end it, the people have to take these old politicians who are there and do not solve our major problems”, reported the merchant.

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