'He's having the courage to praise Hitler', Bolsonaro says in response to Cyrus

PSL candidate also responded to Geraldo Alckmin campaign: “pacifist desarmamentista”.
30/08/2018 17h05 - Updated 30/08/2018 17h05
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Sao Paulo – Approaching event with women voters on Thursday, in Porto Alegre, the PSL's presidential candidate in elections 2018, Jair Bolsonaro, countered the statements of Ciro Gomes (PDT), who on the eve called him “projetinho tropical Hitler”.

“He (Ciro) Hitler says he is smart. He's having the courage to praise Hitler, what is already a very complicated thing”, he said. For Congressman, Cyrus is one of the guilty “bury Brazil”. “Actually I'm not as knowledgeable as much of it, who has been minister of Lula and helped bury Brazil in this ethical chaos, moral and economic we are today”, said.

at the meeting, the PSL candidate was asked about video Geraldo Alckmin campaign released on Thursday, that indirectly attacks. The piece shows the problems to be faced by the next president being hit by projectiles, and ends with the motto “is not the bullet that solves”.

the answer, Bolsonaro called Alckmin “pacifist desarmamentista” and caused the toucan not to walk with armored car. “Weapons do not generate violence and flowers do not guarantee peace. He who fails to walk with armored security car and I believe in his proposal”, said.

Bolsonaro also commented on the accusation that an employee of the presidential Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) It would have been threatened with a gun by a sympathizer of the PSL candidate, on Wednesday afternoon. “He is an expert in breaking into property, bring horror to the city. He is accusing the other of what he does”, he said.

The candidate also commented on the issue of borders and stated that the migration law “It turned Brazil into the country without borders”. “In the border, then enters a sorting and, if refugees, We will act humanely. Throw open the borders to anyone”, said.


Bolsonaro was greeted by hundreds of supporters, most women, Gaucho in House, in central Porto Alegre. And he promised “equality” by stating that women should have possession of a weapon to defend. “We want you to have the right to self-defense. You are not fragile. What can not are men of you withdraw this right to bear something, besides defending his life, defends the lives of their children”, said the candidate to cheers.

He stood in place for about two hours and spoke only for a few minutes. The rest of the time, the candidate was taking pictures and selfies with PSL candidates in Rio Grande do Sul and supporters.


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