Businessman arrested in motel with teenager 13 years of jail free; It was also released agenciadora

Judge justified saying that does not mean that the process has been terminated.
09/08/2018 14h56 - Updated 10/08/2018 15h31
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Businessman owner of ForteVip, Fabian Neves dos Santos, 37, caught red-handed by sexually abusaar a teenager 13 years at a motel north of Manaus area, was held in custody hearing, this Wednesday (8), the Minister Forum Henoch Reis, the Zona Centro- South of Manaus. The girl's aunt, Aline Cristina de Souza Andrade, 28, that agenciava programs was also released.

The judge on duty, Celso de Paula Souza, responsible for the release of businessman apologized saying that by Fabian Neves have no criminal record, have fixed employment and residence in Manaus and crime have not been implemented by actual violence, but presumed because of the age of the girl he was able to respond in freedom, which does not mean that the process has been terminated.

The two accused will have to meet restrictions required by justice using anklet. The entrepreneur will have to keep away from the victim.

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