"We will do what is right", Barroso says about Lula record

Yesterday (15), MEP filed an objection (questioning), arguing that the former president is not eligible.
16/08/2018 12h58 - Updated 17/08/2018 17h01
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Felipe Pontes – Agency Brazil

The vice president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, Application Registration rapporteur of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he said today (16) that "we will do what is right" when asked about the referral process.

On Wednesday (15), a few hours after the EN input the request Lula's candidacy registration to the Presidency, the Electoral Prosecutor (MPE) filed an objection (questioning), arguing that the former president is not eligible, according to the criteria of the Clean Record Law. The question should be examined by Barroso.

Two other challenges, filed by candidates to the House Alexandre Frota (PAGE) e Kim Kataguiri (THE), They were also filed on Wednesday afternoon (15), but before the application for registration Lula have been included in the TSE system. Like this, such questions were eventually distributed to another reporter, Minister Admar Gonzaga.

Still on Wednesday (15), PT has filed a petition in the appeals Fleet and Kataguiri, putting in doubt the fact that they were distributed to Gonzaga. According to a statement by party lawyers, the petition was made "for the sole purpose of avoiding any nothings", because the minister not be the rapporteur of Lula's record.

“It's a legitimate question because we want to express in the process and do not know which minister direct us”, Lula said the lawyer on TSE, Luiz Fernando Casagrande Pereira, who attended on Thursday (16) the Electoral Court and talked to the minister Roberto Barroso.

Asked about the double rapporteur, Barroso reiterated that "what is right" will be made to resolve all issues, which should be referred for decision by the president of the TSE, Minister Rosa Weber.

The minister can decide of a tyrannical order and injunction (individual and provisional) You defer or not Lula's record, but more likely, due to the relevance of the theme, It is that the process is carried directly to vote on the floor of the TSE.

Barroso's statements were given after the tenure of Minister Edson Fachin, Rapporteur of Lava Jato in the Supreme Court (STF), as holder of the TSE minister, replacing the Minister Luiz Fux, He is ending his tenure in the Electoral Justice.

The TSE is composed of seven incumbent ministers, three from STF, Two Superior Court (STJ) and two members of law. Fachin already part of the Electoral Court as a substitute minister, passing now effective.

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