Orsini Oliveira management in Amazonastur is marked by favoring friends and family

The manager would have helped his uncle to get million dollar contract with the government and presented her daughter with office in Brasilia.
03/08/2018 11h26 - Updated 4/08/2018 18h53
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Ahead of the State Tourism Company (AmazonasTur) as CEO since October last year, Orsini Rufino Oliveira Junior, pleaded various schemes to encourage their families with state funds, how to help his uncle to get million dollar contract, without bidding, with the government for boat rentals and gift her daughter with office in Brasilia.

According to the Amazon Transparency Portal's uncle CEO of Amazonastur, Iomar C. de Oliveira, owner of the company that bears his name and rents boats for the Military House of the Amazon has received the State R $ 2,8 R $ million 3,5 million related to compensation process costs with rental service vessel 'Iana II', famous for hosting celebrities on visits to the Amazon, in particular, during the Parintins Festival.

However this company, located in AL Circular Cuba, Set the Americas, nº179, Sala-A, Its main economic activity Retail trade of photographic articles and filming.

Recently, Karine Oliveira Bar, Orsini daughter went up position in the Department of Amazonas Institutional Relations and Representation (Serira), in Brasilia where he works and managed to post in the Commission of Cooperation and Institutional Relations Amazon. The case is considered to practice cross-nepotism.

According to the Official State Gazette (DOE) the appointment of Karine will serve to took place last Friday (27/07) signed by Amazonino and the secretary of the Civil House Arthur Cezar Lins, However, the girl was already working on the organ and was exonerated from the previous position to take three days before the current.

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Not start Orsine Junior da semana, asked leave of absence to work in the governor's campaign (PDT) and left his right arm, John Nikolas Cabral dos Anjos, to fill the vacancy.

In his orsini history also carries the charge of false election poll disclosure to favor the former governor impeached, Jose Melo, in elections 2014, changing the number of an official survey, registered in the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), a false.


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