Man returns wallet with R $ 1,2 thousand which it found in the street and dispenses reward

To thank, Object owner made a post on social networks indicating his work as marmoreiro. The posting rocked the web and already has more than 10 tanned thousand.
18/08/2018 17h25 - Updated 18/08/2018 17h25
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The marmoreiro Rodrigo Pereira Nunes found a wallet with $ R 1,2 thousand on the ground, the owner sought in social networks and, to return, dismissed receive reward, in Goiania. video surveillance cameras recorded the moment he finds the object (watch up). He said he was concerned about who might have lost money.

"I thought about my family and thought much more still who lost this money. Because this person who lost the money I did not know who he was or what was. And if the payment of his salary?”

Rodrigo found the wallet at the intersection of streets 1 e 6, in the West Sector, in Goiania. The pictures show the moment when the owner loses the object and, three minutes later, when the money is marmoreiro.

reward refused
Soon after his wallet, with the data found in the documents, He found the owner, the farmer Honorius Banbiske on social networks and arranged the meeting to return object. The man even offered a reward for the act of honesty marmoreiro, who refused, claiming that he could not have taken a different attitude.

Honorius, to thank, He made a post on social networks indicating Rodrigo services like marmoreiro, saying to reward him, would find customers. The message rocked the Internet, over 10 tanned thousand.

Source: G1

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