Started paving phase in the work of Djalma Batista Avenue

Agora começam os serviços de preparação da via para o asfaltamento.
09/08/2018 15h57 - Updated 10/08/2018 15h31
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After careful work and fulfilled all technical and safety standards, the work of recovery of the old network of drainage Avenue Djalma Batista, in the Central South zone of the capital, entering the paving phase. Now complete replacement pipe, who was over 40 years, and fill the excavated area, now begin the track preparation services for the paving.

For the Municipal Secretary for Infrastructure (Seminf) Kelton Aguiar, enter stage completion was challenging. "The work, over 40 years of deployment and without any maintenance, it was challenging. The work involves a very competent technical team, as he had given the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto. Together, with each coach, we add knowledge and, with caution, we were winning obstacles. In a few days we will complete the service ", reported.

In the first stage of the work, completed in March, the area received deep drainage services, curb, gutter, 27 meters of sidewalk and was also deployed an "manhole", which will serve as access to the Djalma Batista drainage network for future maintenance, without the need to interrupt the flow of vehicles on the boulevard.

With the end of concreting three major collection boxes designed to make the shift from old pipes that passed beneath existing commercial buildings in the affected area, works now run more quickly. "We finished the part of the deep drainage, it was a very complicated drainage. Now we begin the preparation of the base and sub-base for, then, start paving the avenue ", He explained the director of the Department of Maintenance and Urban Infrastructure of the Municipal Infrastructure Secretariat (Seminf), Alessandro Rodrigues.

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