Minor sexually exploited by gang of former police officer was kept in private jail

Teenager was enticed in 2015 and was held by the band for three months.
14/08/2018 17h03 - Updated 14/08/2018 17h03
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The former civil police Alzemar da Conceição dos Anjos and his gang, target of an operation on Tuesday, sexually exploited minors was already investigated four years ago by the Public Ministry of Rio (MPRJ). The Special Action Group for Combating Organized Crime (GAECO), do MP, already had two inquiries against former agent. One began in 2015 in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, after a minor 16 years and taken to be enticed San Gonzalo. She was held for three months in imprisonment.

The girl's mother sought the 52nd DP (New Iguaçu) and was instructed to carry out the complaint in the Prosecutor for Children and Youth City. “We found that this girl was in the house of prostitution, in false imprisonment, for three months. With the help of police, the mother was able to rescue her”, said promoter GAECO, Antonio Pessanha. Since then, the alert to the ex-cop turned red in the internal affairs of the Civil Police.

In 2014, MP found that the former police kept the three houses of prostitution. In 2015, the civil police was in the local and the former agent was taken to give evidence as a witness and was eventually released. “He benefited by being a cop. He had a very large network of knowledge and, that is why, neither the military police nor the civil police were operating to curb their criminal practices. Besides that, whether it was knowledge and paid bribes not to be disturbed in their establishments”, said the delegate Cristiano Maia, Sub-Inspector of the Civil Police.

Second esearchers, the gang knew that minors were involved in business. “in tapping, we found that everyone knew that minors prostituted”, said Pessanha. The MP called for the ban on clubs. Justice authorized and establishments are closed.

According to investigations, dozens of women went through the site. “They availed themselves of the vulnerability of these women and aliciavam”, the prosecutor said. All the women who were on site will provide testimonials. The accused will be indicted and account for criminal organization in the commission of prostitution, rufianismo (prostitution profit), child prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution.

Source: O Dia

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