Pacaraima residents revolt and expel Venezuelan

Roraima government sent police reinforcements to the city.
18/08/2018 17h14 - Updated 18/08/2018 17h14
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Felipe Pontes - Brazil Agency

Residents of the municipality of Pacaraima (RR), which straddles the border with Venezuela, They expelled Venezuelan tents and shelters and set fire to his belongings, a revolt of principle against their presence in the city.

Local people held Saturday (18) an act in front of the Special Command of the Army Border, which is in the city, against the presence of the neighboring country refugees. The peaceful demonstration ended with episodes of violence.

Yesterday (17), a local merchant was robbed and beaten at home allegedly by four Venezuelans, causing the uprising residents. Also angered the population lack of an ambulance to help the merchant, that the end was treated at the local hospital and is in stable condition.

The city's mayor, Julian Torquato, that is out of state, He said the situation is not under control and, second know, Venezuelans continue to be hounded out of Pacaraima.

"We are very sorry that this is happening, but it was not for lack of warning. We were saddened by the side of Venezuelans, You know the plight them, but unfortunately they come [no Brasil] those people who do not have good intentions ", Torquato said the Agency Brazil.

The government of Roraima reported, in a statement, sending reinforcements of the military police to contain the spirits, as well as health professionals and medicines to meet the needs of Pacaraima hospital. The text also says it is "necessary that the Brazilian Army guaranteeing order on the border with Venezuela".

the note, the government of Roraima returned to claim the closure of the border with Venezuela and a greater role of the federal government to deal with the humanitarian crisis. In this month, Minister Rosa Weber to, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), He denied an injunction (interim decision) which had been requested to close the border between the two countries. sought, the Federal Police did not say how the situation on the border of Brazil, in Pacaraima.

The Task Force Humanitarian Logistics, made by the armed forces and integrated by international organizations, non-governmental organizations and civil entities, issued a statement in which he says provide support to care at the local hospital and that "condemns acts of vandalism and violence against any citizen, regardless of nationality ".

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