Woman, you will never be won

12/08/2018 10h06 - Updated 13/08/2018 18h52

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Maria da Penha Maia Fernandes, in the year of 1983, He was the victim of two attempts by her own husband. On first, I was shot in the back while he slept, which left her paraplegic. And the second, still recovering, her husband tried to electrocute her while she bathed.

After the second attack, Maria da Penha decided to separate. Were years of struggle to prove the guilt of her attacker. For more than 15 years, the case was unsolved, until Maria da Penha decided to report the country to the Justice Center, international law (Cejila) and the Latin American Committee for the Defense of Women's Rights (CLADEM).

With much struggle, not only for solution of your particular case, but engaged in combating violence against women, that could be enacted by the National Congress to Act 11.340/2006. The law that bears his name, Maria da penha, It was sanctioned by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 7 August 2006 and entered into force on 22 September 2006.

About crimes like this, Police in the Specialized Crimes Against Women (Decca) recorded, this year alone, but of 5,5 thousand police reports (B.O) cases of violence against women. In the ranking of complaints, stand out: threat, injury and injury. together, representing 80% two cases.

The Manaus Prefecture is engaged in this fight. Both promoting actions to combat harassment and violence against women, It offers psychosocial care, legal and educational for victims of violence by the Women's Rights Reference Center (CRDM), the Municipal Secretariat for Women Policies Affirmative. Besides that, It provides relevant guidance to promoted social programs, courses and training for women, as Maria da Penha, conquer your financial independence.

To celebrate 12 years of creation of the Maria da Penha Law, Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh), held the day 14 a 31 of August, on Women's Rights Reference Center (CRDM), a schedule with lectures to sensitize the population about Manaus advances of law throughout its existence. Among the target audience are users of Specialized Reference Centers of Social Assistance (You believe), the Social Assistance Reference Centers (tomorrow), academic and social service technicians Semmasdh.

Check the schedule of lectures, that also count, with free care Psychosocial and Legal services, Orientation and Registration for CadÚnico and issuance of birth certificate and identity card.

Day 14
9h – GYM: The Service Network to women in situations of domestic violence and family.

Day 17
9h – GYM: The Maria da Penha Law: progress and challenges
panelist: Delegate Deborah Mafra

Day 24
9h – GYM: The Center for Specialized Care to Women in domestic violence - naem of Amazonas State Public Defender
panelist: Defender Caroline Bras

Day 31
9h – GYM: The role of the prosecutor of the Amazon in addressing domestic violence and family

Violence against women is a crime, and as serious as violence and omission.
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