Omar Aziz says he tried to contact but was snubbed by Mark Rotta

Second or candidate, he called but was not answered and sent messages that were read but not answered.
14/08/2018 19h39 - Updated 15/08/2018 17h24
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Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), Amazonas government to the candidate, He spoke openly about his relationship with the deputy mayor of Manaus, Mark Rotta, which is already becoming secretary in the government Amazonino in the coming days after breakup with his former PSDB party and the political group that Aziz is. The deputy's statements were made in an interview with portal BNC Amazonas on Tuesday (14).

According to Omar the relationship between the two was much close to the point of a child's godfather be another but at the time of separation as the toucan nest the Rotta rebelled not pondered this.

Mark Rotta is my compadre, I am his son's godfather to my mother, who died 30 days, It was godmother of boy. We have a relationship and he did not allow me to talk to him. I called several times and he did not answer my calls, I sent messages that he read but did not answer. It is a right he has“, said.

The candidate also recalled the beginning of the relationship with Mark Rotta and how helped him when he arrived in Manaus. “I was the program owner requires their rights, when I left I put it to present at the time he was doing absolutely nothing I offered this chance. The first person who gave opportunity for Mark Rotta in his life in Manaus was me. He came to work in the campaign 92 and then stood here“, reported Aziz.

Despite being seen as the villain of the story the gubernatorial candidate wished luck to the new compadre walk along his rival Amazonino Mendes (PDT). “I'm the one being crucified at that time because the party chose the PSDB, but part is the political part of life. God bless you“, finished.

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