Through Joshua Neto, SSP evaluates install police station in the district of Canumã, Borba

The Secretariat of Public Security reported that the request has been forwarded to the Seagi and the Civil Police and the Amazon Military.
15/08/2018 17h31 - Updated 15/08/2018 17h31
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The state deputy Joshua Neto requested, Application by nº5976, the installation of a police station and the purchase of a vehicle to enhance safety in the district of Canumã, Borba (a 151 KM Manaus). The Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP-AM) It reported that the request has been forwarded to the Executive Assistant Secretary for Planning and Management Integrated Security (

According to the deputy application meets demand of residents who claim to have a large number of crimes in the region. "It was a request from residents, but the Security Bureau is already aware of the high crime rate in this region, so we expect the state to take the action that we are waiting ", he said.

The Canumã District now has a population of about 11 thousand people and is among the localities able to become municipality.

According to the leader of the struggle for political emancipation of Amazon municipalities, Antonio Fábio, who lives in Canumã, not today is no policing or type of security in the region. He believes that the measure will help reduce crime.

Joshua Neto also requested strengthening the policing Parintins, Tabatinga, Pauini, Iranduba, Coari, Maués, Presidente Figueiredo, Iranduba and Canutama.

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