Mayor of Parintins, Bi Garcia endorses Amazonino

The politician is another of the strong state leaders approving the candidate's management of the coalition "I vote in the Amazon".
20/08/2018 18h54 - Updated 20/08/2018 18h54
Photo: Clovis Miranda

The mayor of Parintins, would Garcia (PSDB), announced, in this Monday, his support for the candidacy for re-election of the governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes (PDT). According to him, the decision was made by the people of Parintins. He said he tried to feel the feeling of the people to make the decision. Bi Garcia is another of the strong state leaders approving the candidate's management of the coalition "I vote in the Amazon", Amazonino Mendes.

would Garcia, which is in the third term as mayor of Parintins, said that, of all the measures that led, this is the most received investments by the state government. "If I were to decide on a whim my personal, I would hurt the city of Parintins. I would hurt investments that are coming in the city of Parintins. The government resumed investments. The people are hopeful, the people are believing. The works are going on ", he said.

According Bi Garcia, the decision was based on the reconstruction of Parintins, which received the past ten months, more than R $ 40 million investment in the main sectors of public administration. "We evaluate well the feeling of the population, up to research, about what people are thinking, believing. And we had the understanding that the city had a return of investment from the state and the people believe the government Amazonino Mendes. Therefore, I had to make a decision to support the re-election of Amazonino Mendes, for the good of Parintins, for the good of the people ", said.

Bi Garcia also said that five years ago Parintins not received investments from the state government.

On Thursday (16/08), but of 300 Amazon inside the leaders, between former mayors and former vice mayors, They stated that the best name to prevent the state get out of the pre-bankruptcy situation left by the previous administration, is the governor Amazonino Mendes.

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