Mayor challenges governor and asks command of the police to control public safety in Manaus

Arthur criticou a falta de postura do governante diante da onda de violência que assola a população.
09/08/2018 14h34 - Updated 10/08/2018 15h31
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, He challenged the governor Amazonino Mendes to pass him the command of the Amazonas state police. The proposal was made during a visit to the infrastructure works in the indigenous community Tribes Park, the West Region, this Wednesday (8/8). The mayor criticized the lack of official posture on the violence plaguing the population.

"It is surprising that the governor does not realize that lack security in Manaus. I've made a clear challenge, if the governor does not have the courage to face this situation, first he must give up this foolish application of it, and second pass me the command of the police for me to do what is necessary to. He will see the result. I'll do it and the people of Manaus sleep soundly, just go to the hand that has the courage to take risks, who has the courage to do what is necessary to. If he does not do will continue punishing Manaus with its lack of courage, with unwillingness to confront a problem that plagues everyone ", said the mayor.

In addition to criticizing the government consulting contract with the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, the perfect posture and asked "shame in the face" of the governor, on the actions of traffickers who are killing members of rival factions in daylight and with no sign of punishment.

"Wake governor! O senhor fica aí tratando todo mundo como mercadoria, as an ox, and does not care to face the main problem that you have today, that is bugging the lives of families is the lack of public safety. You did not do anything, You are not doing anything against traffickers, It seems to want to vote them. Will it make them rally? It seems that depend on them, will the governor to enter a place will need protection? Let's get a little ashamed that face and we will work for the people ", He complemented the mayor.

Criticism of the governor continued when the mayor was asked about the fate of Mark Rottta, desfiliou that the Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB) and analyzes give up the vice mayor in office to take up a post of secretary in the current state government.

"I told the deputy mayor himself, he is happy, try to be happy, especially that it is happy with his conscience. I spoke to him and questioned why the Amazonino're making some works this summer. It's because he's running. Why he did not before, in his period? Why he should R $ 800 million to the city and not pay? Why he uses this ploy? What he wants is, simply, remain in power to benefit your small group, group that the deputy mayor is not part. But anyway let's fight with what we have, and more, the warning is to mariners, approaching a time of those of a person who has a past that has the governor, sincerely, any Christian puts this under suspicion ", warned Arthur Neto.

According to the mayor, Rotta is entering a political move of the governor Amazonino, on the eve of an election campaign. He regretted the whole situation, and he said that "It was not for lack of warning, It was not for lack of friendship, It was not for lack of love, It was not for lack of willingness to fight ", He stressed.

Amazonino, during a press conference, extended an invitation to the deputy mayor is the head of the Secretariat of the metropolitan region of Manaus (SRMM). The mayor countered that the governor is a bad company to anyone who approaches.

"The Lord (governor) to me it does not create any problems, because I'm used to face their methods for many years and I will say more, you are a bad company. Everyone who approaches the Lord to close a deal for sure is immediately under suspicion, unfortunately is its tradition of co-optation, its tradition of disrespect, is its tradition. So you, actually, is spotting people who might even have some future and realize that their future will fly because they are not aware maintain firmness and maintain the heart, the brain and firm character before proposals, advantages. The only advantage that should be enjoyed by a public man is the advantage of serving his people, serve with courage and not be shaken never, always be ready to fight. I am always ready to fight ", concluded the Mayor.

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