Manaus Prefecture starts Combat Campaign on Violence against Women

lectures and social actions promoted by Semmasdh, part of the program celebrating the 12 years of the Maria da Penha Law, held no last day 7.
14/08/2018 18h11 - Updated 14/08/2018 18h12
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The Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh), It began on Tuesday (14) an extensive program aimed at Combating Violence against Women. lectures and social actions promoted by Semmasdh, part of the program celebrating the 12 years of the Maria da Penha Law, held no last day 7.

The shares will be held in the Women's Rights Reference Center (CRDM) as a way to make this area known for women and become a reference in monitoring cases involving the violation of rights or violence. In action on Tuesday, also participated representatives of the Amazon prosecutors (MPE-AM) and Secretary of State for Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc).

"We need to make the whole society, men and women, stop to reflect. Enough of violence. Only through information, campaign, bringing the population and going to these people that we will get to start building a new culture. A real culture of peace ", said the Undersecretary of Affirmative Policies for Women, Ray Lima.

Among the target audience of Coping Municipal Campaign on Violence against Women are users of Specialized Reference Centers of Social Assistance (You believe), the Social Assistance Reference Centers (tomorrow), and women in general, according to the schedule of coverage areas. The lectures will take place every Friday.

the services were offered: Psychosocial care and Legal, CadÚnico with orientation and registration, Birth Certificate issued and Identity Card. The lecture Tuesday dealt on "The services for women Network in domestic and family violence situation". Among the listeners, the housewife Monica Paiva is already known of the Undersecretary staff. After doing a course reuse of recyclable material such as crafts, she has become a design microempreendedora.

"I met a lot of things here being met with legal and social services. In the course I learned several things. One that I found very interesting was to create a jewel box using milk box. I plan to do other courses so I can have my own income ", stated.

During or event, the representative of the ME-AM highlighted the possibility of a partnership between the two institutions, through the Start project.

The goal of the project is to support the work of prosecutors and prosecutors, through a humanized look people in psychosocial vulnerability, to stimulate social and family reintegration, and to support initiatives seeking autonomy, contributing to the promotion of well-being and quality of life.

"Since 2016 we begin to effectively integrate us with the integrated network against violence. We are very committed to this process and we believe that through this partnership with Undersecretary can make the job even more effective. We want to be seen by society as an important element in the search and the guarantee of fundamental rights as a whole ", said Tatiana Almeida, executive coordinator of the program Start the MPE-AM.

The Specialized Police on Crimes Against Women (Decca) recorded, this year alone, but of 5,5 thousand police reports (B.Os) cases of violence against women. In the ranking of complaints, stand out: threat, injury and injury. together, represent 80% two cases.

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