Hall intensifies measles vaccination in districts of North and East zones

It began strengthening vaccination offering the City of God neighborhoods, Tancredo Neves, Gilberto Mestrinho, Crowned and St. Joseph.
15/08/2018 19h11 - Updated 15/08/2018 19h11
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With the completion of the scans and vaccine intensified in Jorge Teixeira neighborhoods, East zone, and New Town, North Zone, considered as priority number 1 the plan to combat measles in Manaus, Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Health (Sems), started strengthening vaccination offering the City of God neighborhoods, Tancredo Neves, Gilberto Mestrinho, Crowned and St. Joseph.

The new shares were discussed during a meeting with representatives of Surveillance in Health Situation Room for Monitoring Measles Tuesday, 14/8, to review information about the current epidemiological situation and define action strategies to combat disease in Manaus.

The New Town neighborhoods and Jorge Teixeira, according to the municipal secretary of Health, Marcelo Magaldi, They were defined as priority considering the quantitative population and the number of measles notifications in each area.

"With this first step completed, the vaccine enhancements are being directed to the priority neighborhoods 2. Besides that, the Semsa continues to intensify work in municipal schools, reinforced with the support of prosecutors and Child Protection Agency, so that parents and caregivers understand the importance of consent for vaccination of students ", said Marcelo Magaldi, noting that the work done in schools so far averaged 63% the target audience.

Vaccination intensification in Cidade de Deus neighborhood will be performed by the Health District (some) North from Thursday, 16, with the evaluation of vaccine design and delivery of MMR, which immunizes against measles, mumps and rubella, for the age group of six months to 49 years.

"The action will be performed with the supply of the vaccine in places of great concentration of people, as schools, companies and trades. The intention is to facilitate access to the vaccine and reach the largest number of people to prevent transmission of the disease ", He explained the head of Disa Northern Health Surveillance Division, Kelly Lobo, stating that the vaccine sweep in New Aleixo neighborhood, also considered as priority 1, It is being finalized with vaccination in local shopping area in the neighborhood.

Have intensified vaccination in Tancredo Neves neighborhoods, Gilberto Mestrinho, Crowned and St. Joseph is running the East Disa, also at points of high concentration of people, including schools, supermarkets, fairs, factories, motorcycle taxi service points and associations.

"We have already completed the actions in the municipal schools of the districts Gilberto Mestrinho and Tancredo Neves, but we are scheduling the return of the teams because some students reported poor adherence to vaccination. The Disa East is now also advancing the work for the districts regarded as priority 3, as Mauazinho and Zumbi ", He informed the head of the Surveillance Division for Disa Eastern Health, Angela Moreira.

How the Package Epidemiological Monitoring of Measles Cases, published weekly by Semsa, It shows that the North and East zones have the highest number of reported and confirmed cases of measles, the priority actions have been performed in North and East disas, but the South Health Districts, And the West Country are also developing the vaccine enhancement in neighborhoods that have the largest number of notifications.

According to News 23 Epidemiological Monitoring of Measles Cases, released by Semsa on Monday, 13, Manaus records 723 confirmed cases, 4.694 They are still under investigation and 276 They were discarded.

altogether, Manaus recorded this year 5.693 measles notifications, which includes the confirmed cases, suspected cases (waiting for laboratory results) and discarded.

The Epidemiological Information also shows that the North Disa has the highest number of notifications, a total of 2.127 reported cases (37,4%), East followed with Disa 1.982 notifications (34,8%), Disa On com 772 (13,6%), Disa West with 735 (12,9%) Disa and Rural with 77 (1,4%).

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