Procon Manaus triggers prosecution against gas stations

The agency requested an investigation against establishments operating in the branch.
20/08/2018 18h06 - Updated 20/08/2018 18h06
Photo: Robervaldo Rock / CMM

With strong evidence of price manipulation of the fuel pumps, the Ombudsman and Consumer Protection (Procon Manaus), formalized on Monday (20), the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE-AM), a complaint against gas stations, requesting an investigation against establishments operating in the branch.

The decision comes after a blitz promoted by Procon Manaus, in July, time the municipal control agency, sent to the city's gas stations a notification requesting the submission, within two days, the reasons for the sudden increase in fuel, period not 16 a 20/7.

"We did an internal procedure, broad and very insightful, with all our staff and we agreed, It was already quite obvious. At the time there was a reduction without any external factor of the amount of gasoline, with no increase or tax burden carried by refineries, there was a clear action by the combination gas station owners, "said the coordinator of Procon Manaus, Rodrigo Guedes.

After a price survey conducted in 57 gas stations in the capital, Procon Manaus verified the uniformity of regular gasoline price. The supervisory action took from complaints about the abrupt rise in the value of the product.

The Procon Manaus provides guidance and defense of consumer interests. The organ is available to citizens and consumers in general to receive complaints and allegations of abuse by suppliers of products or services.

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