TCE-AM starts the National Meeting of People Management Audit Courts

Or event, aims to align the knowledge of the country TCs on the management of people in the public service.
16/08/2018 18h49 - Updated 16/08/2018 18h49
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With the presence of almost 200 representatives of all the country Audit Courts, Amazon Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) it started, on the morning of Thursday (16), the 8th Technical Meeting of Personnel Management of the Audit Courts of Brazil. Or event, It is broadcast live to all municipalities in the state, through the Secretariat of the Media Center for State Education (Seduc), aims to align the knowledge of the country TCs on the management of people in the public service, sharing experiences and expanding the network of contacts to search for joint solutions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the counselor president TEC, Yara Lins dos Santos, He stressed the importance of exchange of ideas in search of best practices in personnel management sector. "I am pleased to see here people who know that it is possible to achieve change through the union and the alignment of ideas. Although we have technological advances in public management, we can only achieve excellence through the set among the people ", scored the counselor, when greeting gifts, including the presidents of the Institute Rui Barbosa (IRB) and the Association of Members of the Audit Courts (Atricon), Ivan Bonilha counselors Lelis and Fabio Tulio Nogueira.

In his speech, Vice President of the EC Treaty, Councilor Mario de Mello stressed the need for institutions, public and also private, recognition to individuals. "People are the main asset of the organizations, therefore they need to be valued. There is no possibility of talking about projects and results leaving out the human aspect of the institutions, especially public bodies ", said the counselor.

Also during the opening, the presiding director of ATRICON, Fabio Tulio Nogueira, He reaffirmed the role of the Court of Auditors in Amazonas hold meetings aimed at institutions of good practice. "We want to congratulate all those present and will use meetings like this as an example to new technical meetings. I am sure that, the end of the work, we will be sure that the content of the meeting was worth it ", he said.

In thanking the invitation made by the ECA-AM to participate in the event, President of the IRB, Ivan Bonilha Lelis, congratulated the presence of large number of participants at the event. "We are proud that we have this meeting representative of all Brazilian Audit Courts, showing the engagement of the forward cuts Accounts, especially on the people management issue ", said the president of the IRB, which is the intelligence agency of the Audit Courts.

Also composed the event's opening session of the ombudsman General TEC-AM, Councilor Eric Exile and the counselor Julio Pinheiro, the counselor of Minas Gerais Court of Auditors (TCE-MG), Sebastião Helvécio, the counsel substitute Piauí Court of Auditors (TCE-PI), Jaylson Lopes Campelo. The Attorney Evelyn Carvalho Freire accounts represented the Amazon Accounts prosecutors (MPC-AM).

The meeting started the lecture series, debates and presentations of cases with the keynote address "Planning Workforce", given by people management expert José Hipólito. During the afternoon, the event will be the presentation of the case "Leadership Development Program, one Court's experience of Rio Grande do Sul ", as well as exchange ideas, discussion and presentation of results of the Marco Performance Measurement (MMD) people management area of ​​the Audit Courts of Brazil.

Coordinated by the Department of Personnel Management (Degesp/TCE-AM), the event brings together, Today and tomorrow (17), CT servers participate in successful cases presentations in people management area, and debates, conversation circles, cultural presentations and lectures. The head of the Department of Personnel Management (Degesp), ERISA Mendes, He explained that even this edition there will also be the 1st Exhibition of Good Practices. "Each Court may present a good practice of people management of your Accounts Court, so those courts can not bring a case, They have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition ".

Second event day
In the morning and afternoon of Friday (17), during the 2nd day of the meeting, as well as cultural performances and more exchanges of ideas, the event will be the presentation of the Case "Scaling Workforce, an experience of the EU Court of Auditors "and the case" Management Implementation For Skills, an experience of Minas Gerais Audit Courts and the Federal District ".

Between the wheels of talks and workshops are topics such as the future prospect of scaling trablaho force with the use of Data-Analytcs, discussions about the selection process for committee positions, and the consolidation of the work, before closure, among others.

At the end of the event, participants will send a letter of intentions to ATRICON, containing indicative and suggestions for changes that benefit the people of management activity in the Courts of Accounts of Brazil.

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