Court denies request to participate Lula television debate on Thursday

Decisão do TRF-4 é desta quinta-feira (9). Advogados do PT tentavam na Justiça liberar o ex-presidente para debater na TV Bandeirantes com demais candidatos à eleição de 2018.
09/08/2018 17h11 - Updated 9/08/2018 17h11
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Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4) denied on Thursday (9) Party Workers request for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva participate in the TV Bandeirantes debate with candidates for president in the elections of 2018, tonight. PT's lawyers filed an injunction after an earlier application has not been examined.

“Incabível the petition for lack of requirements prescribed by law, indefiro the initial”, decided the rapporteur Claudia Cristina Cristofani.

Lula is serving in the Federal Police, in Curitiba, since 7 of April. He was sentenced on appeal in the Lava Jato 12 years and 1 month for passive corruption and money laundering, in the case of the triplex in Guaruja (SP). The former president was announced PT candidate on Sunday night (5).

In Injunction, the defense requested that the application be referred to another judge, since the federal judge Bianca Cruz Georgia Arenhart not agreed to consider another appeal filed, called the criminal enforcement grievance, on August 1.

A decision by the judge, from 6 of August, she pointed out that the PT lacks legitimacy to order, it's up to Lula's defense. The appeal was, So, transferred to the Public Federal Ministry for an opinion. On the same line, MPF concluded that the political party could not make such a request.

In the 12th Federal Court of Curitiba, before reaching the TRF-4, the request of PT's lawyers denied.

“The court decision is adamant to point out that the Workers' Party – PT lacks legitimacy”, federal judge added to the TRF-4.

The party also sought leave Lula's participation in acts of pre-campaign via videoconference, or through recorded videos by the Superintendent of PF.

“It should be recognized the active legitimacy of the Workers' Party to formulate the requirements not known by the contested decision, because the political party has the legitimate right to nominate candidates for the elections and see them perform the acts allowed by law”, He claimed the defense of the PT in the resort.

“Undeniable that the restrictions imposed on the Workers Party candidate for president descontroem Brazil's own democracy and the right of the population to freely choose the next President of the Republic. Undermine the equality between the candidates, leaving the people to hear jettisoned, at least, the proposals, It is to suppress the very popular participation in next elections”, added the injunction.

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