"The situation is untenable ', says Arthur commenting Emergency Decree reflections

Com o Decreto de Situação de Emergência, será indicada ao Ministério da Justiça a necessidade de utilização da Força Nacional de Segurança.
19/09/2018 08h25 - Updated 19/09/2018 17h01
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with approximately 2 thousand occurrences of robberies and thefts, recorded from January until the day 13/9, against Basic Health Units (BHU), schools and vehicles that integrate the public transport system, Manaus decretou Situação de Emergência por conta da onda de violência. "It was published this morning and this enables us to take a series of measures, including recourse to the federal government. The situation here is unbearable, not aguentamos. The crimes in Manaus are becoming an unbearable routine. It is a situation of lack of government, of misrule, where public men are accommodating when you have a duty to speak and act”, He denounced the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto on Tuesday, 18/9, to explain to the press the Decree of the reflections, during an event held at the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection Traffic (Manaustrans), in the south.

“Manaus should not be the only place that is in this situation, but, perhaps, is the only place where the governor is silenced and the mayor speaks and strong speech. It is to say that Brazil belongs to the Brazilians and not the criminal groups that do not respect anyone. My role I am fulfilling, not to let my head around that, we have to react. Despite having us pretending it's not him, we are taking action ", said Virgil.

According to the publication, it will be up to the House Military municipal design and implement special scale for municipal guards, in order to expand the activities of its effective, to protect and assist the conservation of local heritage. The document also states that the Civil House of the municipality adopt measures. Between them, the survey and report of all criminal events that occur against property and municipal employees, recorded until the entry into force of Decree, and to propose appropriate measures, after contact with the affected agencies and municipal entities.

"The decree was published and who knows the mayor knows he does not sin by omission. It is an act to make, formally, public calamity situation, of emergency, plaguing the safety of citizens who seek to essential public services, such as education and health. The mayor has determined that the Civil House, which is directly linked to it, adote providências de relatórios circunstanciados de todas essas ocorrências, to send them to public ministries and international organizations for the defense of Human Rights”, He explained the Attorney General of the Municipality, Rafael Albuquerque.

The reports will be forwarded to prosecutors State (MPE-AM) e Federal (MPF) and other competent authorities, as well as to the United Nations (HIM) and the Organization of American States (OAS). Other judicial and administrative measures may also be adopted.

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