After being captured and beaten, Burglar apologizes and makes unusual request to the victim: 'Add me on Facebook’

The thief asked the young man adicionasse on a social network to arrange payment of damages.
20/09/2018 15h16 - Updated 21/09/2018 12h51
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A thief apologized to a photographer, from 28 years, after stealing it in Praia Grande, the coast of São Paulo. The assailant was chased by victim's family, Reached, assaulted and, then, taken back to the scene of the crime, where even he asked the young man adicionasse on a social network to arrange payment of damages.

The case occurred late on Wednesday (19), in front of a building in the neighborhood Tupy. “My uncle is a mechanic and was working with the gate open sidewalk, you always have. I talked to him, when this guy walked past and looking at us. we watch”, tells the photographer, who asked not to be identified, for safety.

moments later, the suspect returned and threatened the two. “It came with a hand under the shirt, indicating that he was armed. My uncle and aunt stood, like me. He asked for my phone, and I was slowly pulling the bag things. When he reached, I realized there was no weapon”, remember.

The victim screamed, and the thief ran from the spot just taking her cell phone. “My uncle, that is old, He came behind him. My cousin was then. Two power utility employees, who were on the street, did the same, but they were by car. Everyone was behind the guy, but I was there”.

The other family of the photographer decided to trigger the military police in the confusion. “But, after, we thought: what good would expect a car? Before people end up thinking, the two employees of the power company came back with my cell phone in hand. The thief threw down and broke the screen”, account.

moments later, the young woman was surprised when he saw his uncle and cousin, breathless, back to the thief, wounded in the face and quite scared. “The guy came up to me, He joined hands and apologized, pardon. He told me, still, who insisted that I adicionasse on Facebook, so he could pay for the damage to the cell”.

After apology, he was released and walked the site with nothing. The uncle and her cousin said they managed to stop him in the neighboring district, Caiçara village, after he took off her blouse, to tempt the sidetracked-. On the way back, the thief also asked the two that allowed some rest, for there was “run very”.

“We who are tired of impunity, but we react only after realizing that he was not, actually, armed. My uncle decided the old way, as 'male'. He was not beaten, but he took a beating and a lesson learned. The guy got the message, and assured that it will never go there”, says.

The photographer said he will not add the criminal in the social network and charge him the damage to the unit.”Recently, I got three hours to make a B.O. and leaves the station without being able to do it”.

The young man is suspected of committing other crimes in the same neighborhood. So far, however, he was not arrested. Police asks potential victims to contact and register a police report that can assist in the investigations. The orientation, according to the military and civil police, is that, in such cases, victims do not react and ask for help by phone 190 or a police.

Source: G1

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