Bolsonaro 'remains clinically stable and no complications', says medical report

Candidato à Presidência não apresenta febre e sinais de infecção neste sábado (15) em SP. Ele levou uma facada no abdômen no dia 9 em MG e passou por duas cirurgias.
15/09/2018 12h56 - Updated 15/09/2018 14h53
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The PSL's candidate for president, Jair Bolsonaro, 'Maintaining clinical stability and no complications', according to informed medical bulletin released by the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in the south of São Paulo, on Saturday morning (15).

Bolsonaro is admitted to Einstein since last Saturday (9), um dia após ele sofrer ataque com facada no abdômen durante ato de campanha e passar por cirurgia em Juiz de Fora (MG).

According to the report, the candidate remains in the Intensive Care Unit (UTI) Medical Center, at where “is no fever and no other signs of infection. Evolves no pain, receiving venous thrombosis preventive measures.”

“Today will continue with physiotherapy sessions, including breathing exercises and muscle strengthening”, ends the statement released Saturday.

Campaign on the networks

Do hospital, Bolsonaro have moved your social networks. This morning, he published on his Twitter account that “we are still victims of the ills caused by their leaders. Besides 14 million Brazilians unemployed, today all suffer from the migration crisis” Venezuelans “in northern Brazil, region visited by us recently.”


On the night of Friday (14), outro boletim divulgado pelo hospital informou que o candidato fez fisioterapia e caminhou pelo quarto sem apresentar dor.

Even on Friday morning, Medical Center was also informed that the clinical conditions were Bolsonaro “stable and uncomplicated” and feeding him to being in the vein.

Wednesday surgery

Wednesday night (12), o presidenciável foi submetido a uma cirurgia de emergência para tratar uma obstrução no intestino delgado (veja como foi e assista ao vídeo abaixo). The procedure lasted two hours and, say doctors, It was successful.

Wednesday night, Albert Einstein hospital said it had Bolsonaro “progressive nausea and bloating”, and he had to undergo a CT abdomen. The examination revealed the presence adhesion blocking the small intestine. Second or hospital, the solution of the problem was surgical.

In a three-perforation of the small intestine suffered, formed a fistula, a small hole, causing inflammation and generated the grip frame, which is an intestinal obstruction.

According to medical specialists, adherence (the union of two or body tissues) It occurred as a result of internal healing in areas that suffered surgical incision, no case, the procedure performed immediately after stabbing.

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