Ineligible applicants will have to return public funds campaign

Interpretation is the Electoral Attorney General and includes Lula.
20/09/2018 19h10 - Updated 20/09/2018 19h10
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Luiza Damé – Agency Brazil

All applicants deemed ineligible by the Electoral Court will have to return the public funds used in the campaign this year. Interpretation is the Attorney General Republic and includes former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, had their candidacy denied by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

According to data available on the TSE website, Lula's candidacy raised R $ 20,6 millions, R $ 20 million Special Fund Campaign Financing (FEFC) and hired expenses totaling R $ 26,2 millions. The staff of the TSE said it will be necessary to make a provision of separate accounts of the candidacy of Fernando Haddad.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, which is also Attorney General Election, He said the return of the special fund of funds to the public coffers is no surprise to candidates, since it was widely reported prior to the caucuses. "Needed is the recovery of public funds of the campaign fund resources used by ineligible candidate", said.

according to Dodge, the Prosecutor expects unfit candidates spontaneously return the resources used in election campaign. "If you do not welcome them, we will go to court to ask for compensation from the public purse ", said Attorney. She said that before the conventions were made meetings with the regional election prosecutors to clarify this issue.

In this year, the Electoral Attorney General issued four statements on the process, including public funding, the allocation of funds for the campaigns of candidates and the reimbursement, for example. The order, second Dodge, It was to give transparency to the application of public money to fund the election campaign, which reached R $ 1,7 billion.

The prosecutor said that the time to charge the compensation will be the trial of the services accounts of candidates. The first part was made last week and covers the initial phase of the campaign - between 16 August and 8 of September.

The Agency Brazil contacted the office of the PT in Brasilia and São Paulo, but did not return until the closing of this matter.

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