Measles cases reach 906 In Manaus

Are 25 more cases than reported on the 27th Tell Epidemiological.
18/09/2018 08h32 - Updated 18/09/2018 17h14

The 28th Tell Epidemiological Monitoring Measles, divulgado Prefeitura de Manaus nesta segunda-feira, 17/9, points out that the capital of Amazonas records 906 confirmed cases. Are 25 more cases than reported on the 27th Tell Epidemiological, published by the Municipal Health (Sems) no dia 10 of September.

The municipal secretary of Health, Marcelo Magaldi, notes that the report is released weekly through the Municipal Hall Surveillance Health Situation, that includes representatives of Semsa, Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS) and Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Hector Vieira Golden.

"The Situation Room is designed to monitor and track the reported measles cases, analyzing the epidemiological situation in real time and allowing management has the information needed to draw up strategies for combating disease. The report is one of the tools, presenting information on the most affected age group in confirmed cases and notified, and data on the territories with more notifications log ", Marcelo explains Magaldi.


According to the 28th Tell, Manaus has 7.690 measles notifications, and 906 confirmed, 396 and discarded 6.388 research. Because the data are subject to change, due to the qualification of records, the new edition of the report showed a change in the total number of reported cases and research, compared to 27 Tell.

This change is the result of team work of the Situation Room, that is strengthening the analysis of each notification and identifying cases that have entered the system as suspected measles, but do not present all the clinical and epidemiological criteria for the disease.

age group

Total of 7.690 measles notifications, which also cover the new suspected cases, 26,8% They are aged 20 a 29 years, followed by age group 15 a 19 years (23,5%), from 30 a 49 years (15,4%) and children under one year (14,3%).

Between the 906 confirmed cases, the most affected age group is that of children under one year (24,7%), then the tracks of 20 a 29 years (19,8%) and one to five years (19,8%), e 15 a 19 years with 13,8% of the total receipts.


According to the Information System data from the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI), the campaign against measles, directed to the age of six months to five years, reached 106,9% by destination, with vaccination 204.837 children.

But, in addition to the campaign actions, the Semsa has already registered the application 495.155 doses of vaccine against measles, between routine actions in the health units, with first and second dose, and intensification of actions, scan and vaccine locks.

On the website of Semsa (, the population can have access to the list with the address and hours of operation of all 183 Manaus municipality vaccine rooms. The MMR, which immunizes against measles, mumps and rubella, It is offered to the population in the age group of six months 49 years.

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